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ExactHire seeks to partner with HR professionals so that they can make better, more efficient hiring decisions. As they manage the recruiting and employee onboarding processes, we hope that our HR Help Hiring Glossary will make it easier to understand hiring terminology, industry trends, and important HR software features.

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Growing The HR Help Hiring Glossary

The team at ExactHire will continue to update the HR Help Hiring Glossary as we learn more about what current and prospective clients need to know as it relates to recruiting, hiring, and onboarding. While the glossary may not be an exhaustive list of HR terms, our goal is to provide enough information to inform and assist visitors in making HR software buying decisions. If you would like to suggest a term or topic, please contact us today!

ExactHire HR Software Solutions

ExactHire helps growing businesses automate the hiring process with hr tools that human resource professionals and recruiting specialists can use to maintain a positive employer brand and hire top performers. Our online solutions include ExactHire ATS, OnboardCentric (employee onboarding software), and validated employee assessments.