Job Fit

Job fit is a term that describes how well matched an employee is for the specific job he or she possesses within an organization. Specifically, the best job fit scenarios occur when a person’s past experience, cognitive abilities and behavioral traits closely align with the skills, qualifications and competencies required for a specific position.

While some aspects of an individual’s potential readiness for an employment opportunity may be uncovered during the screening and interviewing process, employee assessments are also effective tools for identifying the cognitive and behavioral attributes of an interviewee. These attributes are almost impossible to uncover in a traditional interview, yet they are items that truly help identify the potential job fit of someone in a given role.

Consider the different elements that may contribute to the likelihood of optimal job fit for an employee in your organization:

  • verbal skill and numerical ability
  • use of numbers and words to reason and solve problems
  • tendency to be a leader vs. a follower
  • energy level during the work day
  • attitude – for example, the glass is half full or half empty
  • degree of independence
  • tendency to be outgoing (or not)
  • objective judgment when making decisions
  • tendency to be cooperative and a team player
  • ability to make decisions quickly
  • tendency to accept supervision and work within existing rules

ExactHire’s suite of web-based hiring software solutions include the HireCentric applicant tracking system (ATS), which offers integrations with a variety of assessment tools. An employer’s HireCentric administrators may choose whether to launch an employee assessment invitation to job candidates at the following screening process stages:

  • employment application – job seekers are immediately and automatically invited to complete an assessment in order to be considered a job candidate upon submitting an employment application
  • interviewing process – HR staff system users manually invite job candidates to complete an assessment via email message later in the interviewing process

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