Hiring Software White Papers, Guides and Webinars

ExactHire understands the value of information. That’s why our white papers, e-books, guides and webinars help inform our client base and other consumers about products and services as they relate to HR management needs. We want to be more than just an applicant tracking software provider; we want to empower your organization with valuable information and long-term solutions.

Check out the summaries for the various white papers, e-books and other resources by clicking the images below — each covers a different aspect of ExactHire’s multi-faceted organizational solutions – including an applicant tracking system with integrated background checks and reference checks, employee onboarding software and employee assessments.

We hope these resources provide valuable information for attracting and retaining workforce talent. Just click the download buttons that appear once you click the images above and gain access to helpful guides for the HR professionals in your organization.

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