Tracking Applicant Drop-Off Rate with ExactHire

Optimizing your Job Applications

(Approx. 22 min. presentation, including Q&A)

One of the biggest obstacles to increasing applicant volume is the job application. For many HR professionals, it’s impossible to know just how many job seekers start the online application…only to drop-off before finishing.

That’s why ExactHire has designed a standard report that tracks applicant “drop-offs” as well as the average time it takes for an applicant to complete your application. And with this information, you’re on the way to optimizing your job application!

In addition to this new report, we’ve released several other features designed to improve the ExactHire user experience. We cover them all in this webinar recording, including:

  • applicant drop-off report
  • customized applicant thank you emails
  • star/set my default reports
  • improved search functionality
  • quick jump between assigned organizations
  • quick advance applications by stage for a single location

At the end of the webinar recording, our team conducts a Q&A session as well.