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Ensuring a high-quality fit for new hires is critical to building a strong organization capable of reaching its potential. In the past, this has been a complicated and arduous task for human resources personnel. That’s why ExactHire has developed applicant tracking, employee onboarding and employee assessment solutions to empower organizations to become more efficient and effective. Check out the following short videos to learn more about our products.

HireCentric Applicant Tracking Software

hirecentric overview video | applicant tracking system

Applicant Tracking System Overview

Applicant Tracking System Job Portals

Branded Job Portals

Applicant Tracking System Employment Applications

Customized Employment Application

Applicant Tracking System Compliance Reporting

Compliance Reporting Tools

Applicant Tracking System Pre-Employment Screening

Pre-Employment Screening

Applicant Tracking System Job Boards

Advertising Job Listings

Applicant Tracking System Reports Analytics

Reporting and Analytics

Applicant Tracking System Requisition Approval

Job Requisition Management

OnboardCentric Employee Onboarding Software

OnboardCentric Employee Onboarding Software

Onboarding Software Overview

OnboardCentric FlexFields Roles Video Thumbnail

FlexFields and Roles

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Our HR videos can introduce ExactHire software platforms and how they integrate into your HR processes. However, our live demonstrations give HR professionals a customized tour through product features, and a chance to ask specific questions.