Pandemic Hiring Recruiting Webinar | ExactHire

[WEBINAR] Post-Pandemic Hiring: Align Recruiting to the New Normal

Watch on Demand | ~45 minutes including Q&A

Before the pandemic began, companies were navigating a candidate-driven market. Job seekers called the shots, and companies couldn’t find enough candidates quickly.

Now, after an initial, alarming increase in unemployment mid-year, we’ve made some economic improvement. And, more than 6 months into this paradigm-shifting event, the new normal isn’t so new.

The needs of job seekers have changed, and even though it is now an employer-driven market, employers must adapt to attract and retain employees–even with a greater abundance of job seekers available.

In this ExactHire best practices webinar recording, we cover

  • how to benchmark your speed to hire,
  • how to prove the ROI of improving hiring process efficiency, and
  • strategies for overcoming common talent acquisition obstacles post COVID-19.

At the end of the presentation, our team conducted a Q&A session to answer questions.