Improving the New Hire Experience

In recent years, more and more employers have identified employee onboarding as an area for improvement. With up to 20 percent of employee turnover taking place in the first 45 days, it’s easy to see why. However, organizations are not always clear on how they can translate a better employee onboarding process into a lower turnover rate.

Often, there is a narrow focus on a particular time or phase in the employee onboarding experience. For example, an employer may decide to shower a new employee with gifts on the first day, only to virtually ignore them for the next couple of weeks. Or perhaps the organization has a well-structured onboarding process that maximizes time-to-productivity, but it fails to warmly welcome new employees. Whatever the case, too often, employers are missing the mark when it comes improving the new hire experience as a whole.

So we put together a collection of 77 ideas that you can use to improve employee onboarding TODAY.