Next Generation Customization Webinar | ExactHire

[WEBINAR] Next Generation Customization

(~26 mins.)

As a small or medium sized employer, when you invest in hiring software, you want many assurances. The assurance that the product will be easy to use. The confidence that your recruiting budget will be wisely spent. And, the peace of mind that it will be sufficiently robust to meet your hiring needs.

However, when a platform is also highly flexible to adjust to your unique organizational preferences–that’s the icing on the cake. The new ExactHire is intuitive, affordable, robust and loaded with customization options that aren’t always available to mid-sized employers. Imagine having time to flourish in the favorite parts of your job because you’re no longer bogged down with waiting on support tickets for application changes and user permissions.

In this webinar recording, we’ll dig into innovative features and options that deliver on our promise to bring you next generation hiring process customization. We’ll cover:

  • employer self-service access to employment application edits and additions,
  • emerging reporting functionality and the new insights builder, and
  • unprecedented flexibility to create unique role permission sets to accommodate users at all levels.

At the end of the recording, our team does a Q&A to answer job application-related questions.