Webinar | No More Excuses | Job Application Process

[WEBINAR] No More Excuses: Align Your Application Process to Modern Job Candidate Behavior

~ 27 minutes

So your customer service representative and retail associate jobs have been posted for weeks on end…but you still don’t have enough applicants to satisfy the general managers at all your retail locations.

What’s a recruiter to do? Maybe you should come to grips with the excuses your organization has been telling itself about why it keeps its lengthy, increasingly-obsolete job application.

In this ExactHire best practices webinar recording, we examine:

  • the excuses that keep employers reliant on outdated, lengthy job applications,
  • strategies for overcoming these excuses, and
  • examples of how the ExactHire hiring software platform modernizes the job application process.

At the end of the presentation, our team conducts a Q&A session to answer questions.