ExactHire Foundation for Actionable Insights Webinar

[WEBINAR] The New ExactHire: A Foundation for Actionable Insights

~30 minutes

The hiring tools that employers use to attract and select talent matter. And, the processes that organizations apply to the use of those tools impact the quality of hiring data and inform better workforce decisions as well.

So how can employers ensure that the steps they follow throughout the hiring process ensure sound data collection and produce actionable hiring insights? And, how can they navigate these steps while also maintaining optimal applicant and employee experiences?

In this ExactHire webinar recording, we examine how the ExactHire hiring software platform helps to standardize data collection and lays a foundation for making better future hiring decisions.

In this webinar recording, we cover:

  • how the new ExactHire has improved the means by which candidates move through selection stages and are marked for advancement or disqualification,
  • how the report building tool makes it easy to report on various insights; including, compliance reporting for Affirmative Action Plans, and
  • how the self-service application template builder allows employers to customize library questions and set up answers which automatically disqualify candidates.

At the end of the recording, our team conducts a Q&A session to answer ExactHire product questions.