The three keys to improved hiring that will lower your cost to hire and produce better outcomes.

Estimated Duration: ~30 mins.

Struggling to hire the right people, quickly?

Join ExactHire CEO, Harlan Schafir, as he shares his secrets to implementing a hiring process that works in any job market.

An entrepreneur for over 30 years, Harlan has worked closely with companies in multiple industries, helping them test different hiring techniques and perfecting a hiring process that works–regardless of the company’s size or industry.​​​​​​

The results?

By focusing on the 3 Keys to Improved Hiring, business leaders can quickly grow their businesses with the right people and avoid the negative impacts of bad hiring.

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  • Qualified, Right-Fit Talent

    Learn the secrets to quickly hire qualified, right-fit talent in any job market.

  • Hiring Tactics That Work

    Gain valuable insight into hiring tactics that will separate you from your competition.

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    Implement a time-tested, proven hiring process with free resources.

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