Increase Engagement

The level of applicant engagement that your business enjoys concerns the degree to which previous and current candidates (who have indicated formal interest in your organization) are actively interested in pursuing careers with your organization now and in the near future.

Factors that tend to increase engagement for applicants include: good accessibility and relative ease associated with submitting an employment application; a personalized acknowledgment confirming the receipt of one’s application; descriptive job listings that allow one to quickly identify whether his/her qualifications/interests are a potential fit to the job; regular correspondence from company representatives regarding one’s status in the selection process; and, up-to-date, compelling content about company culture, benefits and opportunities for growth.

When a company makes efforts to improve applicant engagement, it will generally find that job fit noticeably improves across the organization. ExactHire’s applicant tracking software automates the hiring process, saving time and allowing HR representatives to focus time on engagement factors.

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