Stop Using Paper Forms, Embrace Paperless HR

Time Is Money – Paperless HR Makes Money

Once you find, interview, and hire that new employee, it is time to get started with training. But first, that new employee must complete the new-hire paperwork. Sign this release, pick your benefit package, here is a state form, a federal form, and few more things. That should be all you need until enrollment rolls around again. Then, in the middle of training, here comes that HR representative, bringing even more paperwork.

Now your perfect employee is wondering if this is the company they want to work for at all. The HR department has spent days getting things sorted out, and they still don’t know what is going on. Haven’t I filled out this form already?

Save Time with Paperless HR

Stop wasting your time! Stop wasting your new employee’s time! Improve your onboarding process and get new hires working faster. There is no need to shuffle papers, scan, copy, print things over and over again. With onboarding software, your new hires will breeze through the paperwork process and begin contributing faster. The HR department is going to start saving time too!

Onboarding software provides a platform where new hire paperwork is uploaded, completed, and saved in one area. Employees can be in control of their progress through updating paperwork, and they have a visual representation of their status. Time is no longer wasted on determining which form is the most current.

When the government makes regulation changes and your form is updated, simply upload the new form and have no fear. Employees do not need to look through paper files to see what is missing, they can tell with a simple glance at their digital dashboard–it’s paperless HR.

Time really is money–especially in a business environment. The quicker your company can get  mundane tasks completed with accuracy, the quicker employees can get on to new, high-leverage projects and responsibilities that increase profit.

To save time and increase profits for your organization, learn the benefits of ExactHire’s paperless HR solutions. Contact us today!

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