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Maximize your employee engagement ROI with these 5 steps

Organizations are built around people, so creating a high-engagement work culture is essential for sustainable business success. In the last few years, more companies have started to benchmark employee engagement, hoping that this data will provide insights on how to be a better place to work. But, often employee engagement surveys lose steam after the […]

Build Your Bottom Line: Accountable Culture in 6 Steps

Top-performing companies understand just how critical the workplace culture is to their success, so they’re intentional and systematic about how they create, drive, and describe their cultures. They know that culture is the “enabler”—or the “hobbler”—for new strategic plans and directions. The companies with the highest-performing teams and most robust bottom lines make accountability the […]

How Cloud Computing Has Revolutionized the HR Industry

The cloud has had an incredible impact on business operations in today’s modern economic environment, and Millennials, who represent half of the working population and could represent three in every four workers by 2020, are at the forefront of the cloud computing revolution. HR is one area of business that is seeing the need for […]

Solving The Selection Process

Hiring a new employee is an important and complicated process. Businesses who make the right choice of employee can see the advantages, however many businesses end up hiring new staff that are not the best choice for their organization. According to research by Leadership IQ, just under half of all new hires will fail within […]

Are You Wasting Your Time Reference Checking?

One of the most established principles of the job application process is reference checking. As you know, candidates supply two or three people they believe will vouch for their skills and experience to highlight their suitability for a job post. This is an age-old tradition, but it is usually the talking point for employers and […]

5 Ways a Cloud Based Solution Saves Time and Eliminates HR Paper Trail Nightmares

Anybody who has spent anytime filing and shuffling through paperwork knows the nightmare that it entails.  For human resources professionals, this nightmare is compounded by the requirements that employment compliance regulations place on maintaining personnel files and documenting activity and personnel actions.  This leads to extra labor, costs and time-consuming activities for human resources departments. […]