Software for onboarding employees | ExactHireFor most businesses, onboarding is the first step of welcoming new employees to the team. During the employee onboarding process, new employees become familiar with a company’s setup – being introduced to everything from the break room coffeemaker to the actual duties of the job. Traditionally, employees were onboarded with the help of lectures, videos, books and worksheets; but the digital revolution has completely changed this process. Now, companies use advanced onboarding software in hopes of better integrating new hires into the organization.

Benefits of Onboarding Software

Employee onboarding is a critical element of human resources management, but many underestimate just how much work goes into this process. With ExactHire’s employee onboarding software, businesses can eliminate the hassles involved with traditional paper-based systems. Web-based onboarding is also a natural addition to a hiring process that includes software-as-a-service (SaaS) tools for recruitment and applicant tracking. These tools allow you to keep accurate records of individuals’ progress throughout the selection process.

Your organization’s onboarding system will be customized to reflect the unique documentation needs for employees in your different divisions and/or geographic locations. The result isn’t just greater efficiency in the onboarding process; it’s also better-trained employees who are more engaged with your business expectations.

ExactHire’s onboarding software comes with several benefits above and beyond the typical onboarding package. Integration with E-Verify is available to ensure that all applicants hold legal status in the United States. And E-Verify is just one piece of a fully-automated pre-hiring process, in which all new employee information is well-organized for easy retrieval.

Onboarding Software Features

Human resource managers will appreciate ExactHire’s easy information collection process, in which the work of organizing and storing new hire information is kept to a minimum. The software will present new employees with the appropriate questions and forms for approval based on the individual location and/or job. The software can collect additional information once these applicants have been officially hired. The entire process is integrated so that all of the old information on an employee is available when needed.

There’s a lot of paperwork involved in bringing in a new employee, but with ExactHire’s onboarding software, paperwork is completed and stored electronically. Employees can quickly fill out necessary forms and then provide their electronic signatures when finished. Once new employees have completed the essential forms, HR representatives are immediately notified and can then complete all authorization on an electronic basis.

Welcoming new employees to your business can require a lot of time and effort–but with ExactHire, your employee onboarding process can save you time and increase productivity.

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