ATS Product Glossary Terms

Within the ExactHire Hiring Glossary, ATS (applicant tracking software) is one of the product directories under which certain categories are listed. When browsing the glossary, you will note that the following categories fall within the ATS directory:

  • Application – HR technology terms related to an electronic employment application and its related features
  • Compliance – Items involving compliance with government regulations; especially related to recruiting and hiring new employees
  • HR – Tech terminology related to the human resources profession
  • Job Board – Words you tend to encounter when working with external job boards to post available positions
  • Recruiting – Terms associated with the active sourcing of candidates for potential employment consideration for your company
  • Reporting – Glossary items related to reporting and analytics features within an applicant tracking system
  • Requisition Management – Words that arise when discussing internal job requisition management within an organization
  • Screening – HR tech words that come into play when using screening techniques to narrow down a list of candidates for possible employment
  • Social – Group of items related to how hiring software interacts with external social media networks
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