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An incomplete employment application happens when a visitor to your careers website does not complete an online employment application for one of your job listings in one session. While the reasons for this situation can vary, here is a list of common scenarios leading to incomplete employment applications:

  • applicant ran out of time before being able to complete the entire application
  • applicant lost interest in the position because your job application process is too lengthy
  • applicant encountered technical difficulties while navigating through the application and was unable to submit it
  • applicant was using a mobile device and became frustrated because your careers site application process wasn’t mobile-friendly

When using online employment application software, be sure to research ways in which you may reconnect with individuals who have abandoned the application process to encourage them to log back into your careers portal to resume their work. ExactHire applicant tracking software (ATS) automatically includes a number of features that give your organization the best shot at converting as many applications as possible:

  • ExactHire ATS is mobile-friendly so our recruiting software automatically adjusts to whatever size screen job seekers are using to view your jobs. The employment application is mobile responsive, too!
  • The applicant tracking system’s employment application shows a progress bar so applicants always know what percentage of the application they have completed.
  • ExactHire’s Apply with LinkedIn and Indeed Apply integration features make it easy for a job seeker to auto populate some of the employment application’s sections with information from his own profile.
  • For hard-to-fill job listings, use the two-step employment application to engage in-demand job seekers to complete the shorter, preliminary step of your employment application. Then, invite the best candidates to continue the application process later.
  • Within the reporting dashboard, the ExactHire applicant tracking system has a standard report that gives HR and recruiting professionals the ability to view individuals with incomplete applications and then easily send individual or group messages inviting people to resume progress.

ExactHire ATS is an essential talent acquisition tool for small- and medium-sized employers wishing to better engage applicants and improve application conversion rates.

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