Applicant Tracking System

An applicant tracking system, sometimes also known as ATS software, is a web-based software application that allows organizations to improve the quality of their hiring decisions while also making the recruiting process paperless. Applicant tracking software enables companies to manage, store and track information related to candidates and jobs from a secure portal which also provides robust reporting and analysis capabilities. Human resource and talent acquisition specialists may use an ATS to automate the posting of job listings to both a corporate website and external job boards, as well.

Other capabilities include automatic scoring and disqualification filters for pre-screening questions, a branded careers portal, social recruiting features, customized employment applications, a job requisition management system, reports on key HR and recruiting metrics, compliance reporting options such as an applicant flow log, and analytical tools to measure the effectiveness of sources.

ExactHire’s HireCentric applicant tracking system streamlines the recruitment process so that HR professionals and hiring managers can spend more time engaging and hiring top talent while minimizing time-to-fill and hiring costs.

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