Time is Ticking HR Clock

Tick Tock – Time is Ticking Off Your HR Workday Clock

How many times have you caught yourself saying, “If only I had more time…” If you had an extra hour, two hours, a full day or whatever the amount of time, how would you spend it? In the world of Human Resources, it is not difficult to feel as if one’s wheels are spinning during the workday. HR representatives have a full plate of roles and responsibilities. Regularly we are told, “Here is a vacant position. Fill it.” Filling vacancies does not happen with a snap of the fingers. Positions need to be filled yet we need time to recruit and then screen the candidates that have applied for those positions before those stellar candidates choose employment with another organization. Compliance policies and laws, paper resumes, electronic resumes, this recruiting tool, that publicity source, social media, phone screens, personal interviews–eeeek! How can one person or even a team effectively stay organized to complete these tasks in efficient detail in order to seal the deal on hiring the cream of the crop? Maybe Superman can save the day?!?

Since time is a resource that is very limited, and HR professionals wear many hats on a regular basis…finding tools and tricks that allow them to be more efficient and productive is a big priority. One such tool is Software as a Service (SaaS). In the context of the HR realm, these web-based solutions help streamline detailed tasks in an efficient manner so an individual or team can effectively maneuver through the recruitment, hiring, and/or onboarding processes, for example. ExactHire’s HireCentric applicant tracking SaaS solution can centralize the Human Resources functions representatives strive to successfully complete on a daily basis.

Here are five examples of how HireCentric can boost your organization’s HR efforts and save your staff members time:

Web-Based Accessibility

HireCentric is available wherever you have Internet service. Talk about convenience–there is no need to go to the office to access a candidate’s file because it is right at your fingertips. Also, if you are traveling for work, you can keep abreast of the vacancies and the candidates applying for those roles so when you get back to the office, you will not need as much catch up time.

Job Templates

In HireCentric, you can create job templates that make it easy to create multiple current and future job listings. Create a library of customizable templates so you do not have to recreate a job description over and over.

Applicant Correspondence

In HireCentric, you can create email templates to help you communicate with your candidates quickly and easily – but without sacrificing personalization. All candidate contact information is centrally located to make it easier for you to call or email. You can send an email to one or to many candidates with a click of the mouse.

Ongoing Process Improvement

With HireCentric, evaluation is ongoing. In the Reports tab, you can run a variety of reports to help you identify the data you need for internal and external reporting. Within the ATS, there are nearly two dozen unique reports available for use, and if that is not enough, you can create a customized report that meets your needs. Also, it can be integrated with some of ExactHire’s onboarding and employee assessment tools.

Standardization & Compliance

HireCentric offers you tools for tracking activities so that you may be compliant with Affirmative Action Planning, Equal Employment Opportunity and even your own company guidelines. In addition to creating your own unique applicant disposition status codes, you may input screening questions that are consistently asked when applicants apply for various positions to help you identify the candidates who do meet minimum basic qualifications.

In a work environment where time is money and money is time, a company must be fiscally responsible. If your company is not using HireCentric, it is time to take a look. Time is ticking by. Who needs Superman to save the day? With HireCentric, you can be the time saving hero to your organization!

Image credit: 52 Weeks of Photos- Week 42- Time by Louise Docker (contact)

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