Benefits of Hiring Military Veterans

The Benefits of Hiring Military Veterans as Employees

Veterans. Men and women who proudly serve our country and sacrifice for the freedoms in which we hold dearly. Once these brave individuals complete their overseas or domestic service, often they return to the United States to seek employment in the full-time or part-time capacity. With plans to reduce the number of soldiers deployed overseas by approximately 50%, many returning soldiers will be seeking employment, and this population of highly qualified jobseekers is not to be ignored. Veterans are a population of jobseekers that bring unique and sought after qualities to an organization. The benefits of hiring veterans are numerous, and here are a few of the main reasons to hire a veteran for your company’s vacant position.

Some employers are afraid of hiring veterans because of fears of future deployments or negative stereotypes (can’t take orders, PTSD, etc.); these fears can be appeased. Military cutbacks are reducing the number of deployments so military members are not leaving nearly as often. Reserve and Guard members should inform you of their current status of military membership and potential deployments so plans can be made to lessen any inconveniences to a company resulting from a deployment. Military soldiers are accustomed to taking orders and also demonstrating leadership skills from their training and on-the-job experience. They understand rank and demonstrate respect to management.

Not only can veterans enhance company productivity with their specialized skillsets which can lead to increased company profit, there can be financial perks from the federal government for hiring veterans as well. Another piece of legislation to familiarize oneself with is the Vietnam Era Veterans’ Readjustment Assistance Act (VEVRAA) which requires covered federal government contractors and subcontractors to take affirmative action to employ and advance in employment specified categories of veterans protected by the Act and prohibits discrimination against such veterans. For a more thorough explanation of the provisions of this act, please visit Did you know that in ExactHire’s HireCentric ATS software, employers can collect EEOC and Affirmative Action data information easily to simplify the hiring and reporting processes?

Where to Find Veterans to Employ

There are various events that can help introduce you to this skilled job seeking population. Talk with your state government’s workforce development board to learn what hiring events are held for veterans in your state and states where you hire. Follow the events going on within the Department of Veterans Affairs. Have a member of your HR team actively recruit job seeking veterans. For employers in the Central Indiana area, consider attending Operation Hire a Hoosier Veteran on April 16th at the Indiana State Fairgrounds.

Veterans. They have made many sacrifices for us. We can never fully return the favor to them for their sacrifice and courage; however, let’s provide them with an opportunity to utilize their skills in a role that fits both the company and the jobseeker. When job matches of this sort occur, productivity is not the only thing that increases. Patriotism thrives as well.

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