Entries by Nancy Meyer, SHRM-CP

Skills Based Hiring

Part 3 of our Indiana HR Conference continues today. Another important concept our SHRM certified strategists addressed was the topic of Skills Based Hiring. Human Resources professionals know it is not easy to fill job openings. Currently, there are approximately 10 million vacant jobs in the United States. Where are all the candidates? That is […]

Stay Interviews

To continue our Indiana HR Conference series we will be talking about another important topic. Stay interviews were a topic of conversation that we felt were an important takeaway. Losing key talent rarely is good. According to Gallup, companies in the United States spend $11 billion dollars annually on turnover. The time and effort Human […]

HR Conference Takeaways: I-9 Info

Our team of SHRM certified strategists recently traveled to the annual Indiana HR Conference. They came back with a plethora of useful and important information. Over the coming weeks ExactHire will be detailing what we believe to be the most important takeaways from this conference. Starting off this series is the importance of the I-9 […]

Quiet Thriving

ExaxtHire is a company that is built around addressing, and fixing HR related issues. From talent sourcing, applicant tracking, onboarding, and much more ExactHire can help. Quiet thriving is a topic recently being discussed in the HR field, along with quiet hiring and quiet quitting. Learn more about it here and how to foster quiet […]

Summer Employee Engagement Ideas

Summertime and the livin’ is easy. Gershwin’s song from Porgy and Bess discusses the relaxation and peace that people seek in the summer, but finding tranquility is not always that easy. Productivity takes a hit during summer because of many reasons and employee engagement is paramount. Employee burnout is on the rise because there are […]

4 Tips For Better Job Candidates

One consistent characteristic about the job market is that it will have its ebbs and flows. During times of high job vacancies, job seekers possess a unique advantage to seek higher pay and/or additional benefits. When job vacancies are minimal, companies maintain the option to be more selective with pay and benefits as they filter […]

What makes Talent Acquisition so hard (and important)

Talent Acquisition (TA) is a complicated but highly rewarding concept. For Human Resources professionals focused in the realm of TA, they are on a high speed roller coaster with multiple twists and turns that can often lead them on a white knuckled trip. What makes talent acquisition so hard, and yet so important, is the […]

How will ChatGPT affect the hiring process?

Chat Generative Pretrained Transformer (AKA ChatGPT) is making headlines consistently throughout the world. ChatGPT is an Artificial Intelligence (AI) driven, human-like chat concept created by OpenAI and released to the world in November 2022. OpenAI has a strong, powerful and well-known investor – Microsoft.  In fact, the partnership with OpenAI and Microsoft is so strong, […]

Workforce Redeployment

Layoffs have been a recurring theme in the news lately. Major organizations such as Disney, Meta, Microsoft, and Goldman Sachs are some of the most well-known organizations that are cutting staff due to concerns of a pending global recession. Layoffs are designed to cut costs and implement a more lean style of business to yield […]