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Hiring Former Offenders

Help Wanted! Now Hiring! Sign On Bonus to Work! Those attention grabbing, highly colorful signs are everywhere on windows, billboards, and yard signage. Look on social media or pick up a newspaper – more “Help Wanted” content. Go to the primary source for job openings – online job boards encompass an endless list of companies […]

End-of-Year HR Budget Spending

It’s been a long, roller coaster of a year…and we still have another month to go! The HR professional’s December to-do list is usually longer than a kid’s wish list for Santa. However, as with most things in 2020, your list is likely a bit different this year. It may include the same items from […]

Ban The Box Expands (WA, NM, CO)

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the unemployment rate is less than 4%, a near record low that indicates various strengths in the economy. For employers, economic strength is beneficial as it tends to signal increased sales and services sought by consumers; however, it also means a highly competitive labor market with heightened challenges […]

Bridging The Pay Gap

June 10, 1963. Think back to that day and what you may have been doing.  While some of us have that day impacted in memory, some of us were not yet born. On that day, the United States government passed some of its first anti-discrimination laws that addressed discrimination in pay due to gender–the Equal […]

California Ban The Box

Less than 75 days until the new year!  2018 will be here quickly along with new legislation that directly impacts our daily employment processes. One key piece of legislation that will impact the hiring processes for many HR professionals is the passage of California AB 1008 on October 14, 2017.  This legislation is also called […]

Job Applications and Sensitive Information

When an HR team is seeking the golden candidate for a vacant position that desperately needs to be filled, it is important that the employment application contains all the necessary items. These items will determine if the applicant is initially a good fit for the organization and should progress to next stages of the hiring process. […]

Lessons Learned from Eclipse Day

It’s a big day–Eclipse Day!   If you were lucky enough to score legit eclipse glasses to view this celestial event, congrats!  By the time you read this blog, the big event will be over, and we will be back to everyday life as we previously knew it.  Not only did eclipse glasses make cardboard […]