Entries by Nancy Meyer, SHRM-CP

Green HR Practices: Promoting Sustainability in the Workplace

April is dedicated as “Earth Month” with “Earth Day” held annually on April 22nd. People are shifting their mindsets though to make “every day Earth Day” by committing to Earth friendly efforts. Environmentalism is not only for individuals, but for companies too.  Implementing eco-friendly practices within the work culture confirms a company’s commitment to sustainability […]

Spring Into Action – Interns, Externs, & Apprentices

Filling open vacancies within a company is a daily challenge for Human Resources.  Seasoned talent coming from competitors may try to leverage their skills and experience to potentially negotiate. Whether that’s higher salary or benefits packages when seeking employment with a new company.  The hiring process can become a game of negotiation between a company […]

Personalization of Employee Benefits

Talent that drives the success of a company is multi-generational. Working alongside each other are Baby Boomers, Gen X, Y (Millennials) and Z. Each generation brings its own talents and characteristics. They each have their own unique needs when it comes to employee benefits provided by the company. There is no one-size-fits-all to employee benefits […]

HR Strategies for a Pandemic

We have heard the old saying, “Hindsight is 20/20”. How accurate! It is easier to see clearer after a situation has passed. With careful and fervent thought, we ruminate on what we could have done differently. As well as what actually worked during times of trial and success. The year 2020 ignited chaos into the […]

Sustainability in your HR Practices

Sustainability. Merriam-Webster defines sustain as “trying to keep up or prolong”, and ability as the “means or skill to do something” so we can conclude that sustainability means having the skill to keep an activity going.  Now, let’s add the word corporate in front of sustainability.  Corporate sustainability – what does that mean to you? […]

The Impact of Gen Z in the Workplace

Looking to attract the next generation of talent? Then it might be time to use up to date, proven effective methods of hiring. An ATS, specifically ExactHire ATS is the perfect place to start. With ability to post to thousands of job boards, write accurate job descriptions, QR code applications and text recruiting you’ll be […]

Data Privacy and Employee Surveillance

Remote work presents a litany of challenges for an organization. One of those being how the organization handles data privacy. Another is the unique challenges of remote hiring. To circumvent these issues utilize ExactHire’s Full Service Hiring service. We will send out job advertisements, source candidates, interview candidates, and finally present to you the final […]

Upskilling and Reskilling Strategies

Upskilling and reskilling strategies help promote from within, but what about growing companies that need more talent? Check out ExactHire ATS or our Full Service Hiring solution to improve your hiring as soon as today! Companies are healing from nearly four years of a global pandemic that brought turmoil, uncertainty, and financial hardships. Supply chain […]

Exit Interviews

It is never easy when talent leaves an organization voluntarily or even involuntarily. It takes time, money and lots of effort to replace the departed employee. Reallocating the departed employee’s tasks to other workers is also a hard task.  Understanding why an employee leaves is an essential part of effective leadership. As turnover increases, the […]