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7 Ways Human Resources Can Use Application Management Software

When you purchase software, it’s always nice to learn everything about what the software can do right away. However, we all know this is not always a realistic possibility depending on the extent of available features. Sometimes, you have to “grow” into the application. With ExactHire’s applicant application management software we are occasionally asked for ideas on other ways this employment application software can be used. Here are the highlights:

As An External Employment Application

Let’s start with the most traditional and primary use of the ATS – an external application to invite applicants to apply to open positions.

As An Internal Application For Interoffice Transfers

The ATS can also be used for existing employees that want to transfer to another position within the company. You can create an internal employment application and post jobs exclusively to your internal job board. If you would like to, you can also post the jobs to both job boards – internal & external. The advantage of a separate internal application is that you can ask your internal applicants different questions and allow the application to be shorter. For internal applicants you may want to know how long they’ve been in their current positions or if they have been on a performance plan in the last six months.

Additional Applications For Volunteer Management, Internships, Executive Candidates, etc.

If your regular external application won’t meet the needs of all your external applicants, you can have separate applications attached to job postings focused on volunteer opportunities, internships and/or executive positions. These applications may either ask different questions than your regular external application; or, they may just need to be shorter in order to engage these audiences of individuals to apply.

Build An Applicant Pool Over Time

You can also post jobs for future opportunities at your company. Adding screening questions that ask what type of job one would seek and/or why the applicant is interested in your company is a good way to help you review those applications. This helps you to have a reservoir of applicants for when you’re ready to begin an active search down the road.

Record The Applicants’ Movement And Notes

In addition to simply collecting applications, the ATS is really wonderful to help record where applicants are in the process for you and your team. First interview, second interview, etc. This work flow record keeping ability comes in handy when you have more than one person touching applicant records. Notes, in addition to statuses, can be recorded…including the author of the note.

Applicant Reporting

All of the recordkeeping comes in handy when it’s time to access reporting options in the system. If you are subject to Affirmative Action Reporting or Equal Employment Opportunity Commission reporting, the software can help simplify that process. Some reports come standard with the software, and others can be built in the reports section. Even if you are not required to do compliance reporting for governmental purposes, chances are your financial department will want to see efficiency reporting to justify your recruitment spending…all of which can be pulled from the software, as well.

Requisition Management To Approve Positions

Requisition management is another feature available for use within the ATS. Requiring approval on potential positions is often a critical piece of the hiring process. After all, budgets are critical in successful businesses and if you’re hiring someone, it’s good to know if you have the budget, as well as management approval, for such activities.

There are many other benefits applicant tracking software can bring to your organization. If you have questions, please feel free to contact us. It never hurts to ask the question!

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