Entries by Randi Renee Doerr, SPHR, SHRM-SCP

What Should An Offboarding Process Look Like?

Human resources professionals continue to maintain focus on the best practices for attracting, onboarding, and retaining top talent. But your company should also have processes in place for successful offboarding as well. Offboarding best practices, especially when implemented into your offboarding process, can help HR learn valuable insights. Learn more about what strategies and procedures […]

6 Outdated Hiring Practices

How effective are your current hiring strategies? Are you attracting top-quality talent? Or are you posting and reposting with very few submissions? Today’s hiring ecosystem is different. And what used to work as recently as one year ago won’t necessarily be effective today.   So, as you review your hiring and onboarding metrics, look to […]

4 Different Types of Compensation

There are four different ways to demonstrate to your employees that you appreciate their work using compensation. Today’s HR professionals and company leaders need to leverage all four methods to be effective, too. The days of salary promises alone are long gone. Today’s top professionals are looking for custom compensation options and flexible earning potential. […]

How to Reach Passive Job Seekers

At ExactHire, we help employers hire through the use of our software and our team of SHRM certified strategists.  Our solutions are effective for attracting both active and passive job seekers. However, in this post, we will discuss how employers can attract passive job seekers. We’ll do this by defining just who is a passive […]

Why Applicants Are Ghosting Your Company

The Covid-19 pandemic  shifted the hiring equilibrium. Specifically, it led to a higher demand for labor in certain industries, and in others, it contributed to massive layoffs. The red-hot demand for labor in many industries is one reason why job applicants and employees began “ghosting” employers. Even now, candidates are still disappearing at various stages […]

Tips for High Volume Hiring

Organizations pursuing high-volume hiring propel job creation and fuel economic growth. Unfortunately, filling high-volume requisitions isn’t for the faint of heart. When you’re dealing with mass hiring, you need creative and practical ways to complete it. Talent is one of the most coveted assets, and organizations succeed only when they have the right skills and […]

Employee Onboarding Efficiency

Onboarding was adopted in the 1970s as a management term for introducing newly hired employees into the organization. Onboarding is the mechanism by which job candidates are introduced to the organization by obtaining the relevant knowledge, skills, and behaviors to operate effectively. It also covers the end-to-end process of integrating new hires into the workplace to […]