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Red Rover, Red Rover, Send An HR Challenge Right Over!

HR professionals face new and unique challenges everyday. As an HR technology company, ExactHire seeks to assist organizations in meeting these HR challenges. We do this through providing hiring technology that supports a paperless HR environment, but also by providing exceptional client support and advocacy that goes beyond troubleshooting. Recently, I had the opportunity to […]

Hiring Process Hurting Your Employer Brand?

Your marketing team has worked hard to ensure that marketing campaigns communicate exactly what your company promises to be–your company brand. So hard in fact, that people are listening and business is growing! Now your company needs to be on top of their game as they seek to attract and hire the right people–your employer […]

Job Applicants…Stop Writing In Emoji :)

Today’s forms of communication look eerily similar to hieroglyphics. And it seems the further we come along in our ability to communicate through devices, the cruder people’s true ability to communicate becomes. What is post mail? What do you mean, there are no words to describe it? Is the thank you note extinct? Where has […]

Simplify, Target, Attract Top Talent

Let’s face it, your job posting is one of countless others. And the perfect applicant is the needle in a haystack. When you consider these two facts, it’s a wonder that applicants and companies ever find each other! So how do you get through all that hay and find the needle? Know Your Audience Attract […]

Combat Employee Poaching

I have a friend who does hiring in the service industry. Let’s call her Jane. There have been many times where Jane and I have gone to a restaurant to have a meal or have decided to run our errands together while catching up. Nothing out of the ordinary. However, Jane always has her business […]

How Do I Get More Applicants?

We hear this “how do I get more applicants?” question, or something similar, often. The problem with answering this question is the variety of answers we could produce. This question is in reference to a symptom and not a problem. We first must identify what the problem is – WHY are you not getting applicants? […]