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7 Ways Human Resources Can Use Application Management Software

When you purchase software, it’s always nice to learn everything about what the software can do right away. However, we all know this is not always a realistic possibility depending on the extent of available features. Sometimes, you have to “grow” into the application. With ExactHire’s applicant application management software we are occasionally asked for […]

Where Have All the Applicants Gone?

At ExactHire, sometimes we hear the question, “Where are all of the applicants?” Instantly, my mind starts singing the Paula Cole song… “Where is my John Wayne? Where is my prairie son? Where is my happy ending? Where have all the cowboys gone?” I imagine I’m on the set of Glee, only I keep the […]

What if Applicants Charged You for Their Time?

Recently I received an article forwarded from a friend that discussed applicants charging companies for their time during the interview process. Sounds a bit outlandish on the surface, doesn’t it? In summary, the article, “Ask The Headhunter: Should Employers Pay to Interview You?” (by Nick Corcodilos) is really about managing expectations. There are tons of […]