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Applicant Encounters of the Third Kind

For many of you, it may have been quite some time since you have last searched for a job. Imagine back to that moment. Did your interaction with that company cause you to have a more positive impression than when you first began the application process? Was the interaction less than spectacular? You are an […]

Let’s Have a Laugh: Applicant #LOL

Laughter, like coffee or wine, is best when shared with friends. So let us share these chuckles with one another. #LOL We have all seen at least one resume, applicant, or cover letter come across our path that leaves us unsure of whether we should be appalled, reach out to help the person…or just laugh. […]

Help Wanted: Applicants Needed!

I did some window shopping recently and I saw many “help wanted” signs plastered front and center of doors, cash registers, in yards, etc. Many signs said, “See Associate” or “Inquire at (insert phone number)”. If you are hiring, chances are your staff is already stretched thin. Is it in their best interest to be […]