2023 Hiring Challenges: How to Prepare and Fix Them

Hiring challenges are robust and consistent anytime of year, use ExactHire’s ATS to minimize these challenges and get you the best candidates on the market.

No matter how revolutionary your product or service is and no matter how innovative your solution is, your business won’t grow without high-value staff. Your bottom-line results are directly connected to your ability to attract, hire, and retain incredible workers. And today’s workforce and hiring environment are challenging. In fact, these are the top 2023 hiring challenges, along with insights to prepare for and fix them. 

Attracting Diverse Workforces

As an employer, you’re feeling the pressure to expand your company culture to be more inclusive and diverse. However, trying to attract and retain a more diverse workforce can be challenging. To improve your efforts and attract more diversity to your teams, it starts with a shift in company culture. Consider redefining your company’s position on inclusivity and diversity. And from there, branch out by developing targeted recruiting strategies that open the door to more applicants. Look for job fairs and networking events that specifically support underrepresented groups. Additionally, create diversity position statements in your job descriptions and throughout your online marketing. 

Finding Top-Quality Candidates

Another 2023 hiring challenge you’re likely facing involves finding top-quality and high-value candidates for your key positions. The competition right now for skilled candidates is fierce. Those applicants with the rooted experience you need are going to be tough to find. But, you can expand your recruiting efforts to include a more robust presence on the job boards. Be open with your marketing channels, like social media and your website, about unique job openings. Tap into your professional networks to create buzz about your role and ask for referral candidates. The top-quality candidates you’re looking for may also be working elsewhere right now. So, look to develop a strategy for connecting with passive candidates who may be ready for a career change but aren’t actively looking.

Remote Hiring Challenges: Job Candidates Need Flexibility 

It’s a worker-driven economy right now, meaning employees and job seekers have more opportunities to consider. Yes, they need to work. But they’re also being choosy about which positions to apply for and the companies they work with in the end. Regardless of how you feel about remote working dynamics, today’s workers need that flexibility and won’t change careers without it. But there’s more to flexibility than just remote and hybrid work. As an employer, you can offer more flexibility in terms of redefining working hours or work weeks. Consider implementing more progressive approaches to work-life balance initiatives that place value on employee experiences. 

Applicants Want the Opportunity to Explore New Skills

Internal mobility is the order of the day. And to address the 2023 hiring challenge relating to workers who want to try new things, you’re going to need to adopt a more comprehensive approach to internal promotion and in-house opportunities. Employees are more often looking to transform their careers in new directions. And they’ll stay with employers who routinely offer opportunities for continued learning, additional certifications, and new skills in other departments. To fix these hiring challenges, look to internal growth initiatives. When your new hires and existing employees show interest in exploring new paths, provide them with the roles and opportunities so they can continue to grow and improve – with your company and not someone else’s.

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Skills-Based Hiring Carries More Weight

If you’re struggling to find and hire top talent, take a look at your job requirements. The days of strict educational requirements and industry experience are in the rearview mirror. Today’s companies are adopting a more skills-based approach to hiring, seriously considering candidates with relatable skills and trainable characteristics. Create your job descriptions in a way that outlines the precise skills needed for the role. Instead of a bachelor’s degree in marketing, be open to those who have relevant experience with marketing on social media, content creation, or email campaigns. Broaden your lens to include skills, and you’ll broaden your pool of worthy applicants.

Retaining Your Best Talent

Hiring challenges in 2023 also extend to retention strategies. Once you do find great workers, you’re going to have to prepare for the challenges related to retention. This means sitting down with your current staff and gathering feedback about what they value most from an employer. And then, create an attractive strategy for keeping your best team members for the long term. Consider more comprehensive benefits packages, increased job flexibility, improved company culture, competitive compensation, and professional development opportunities. 


Prepare to address the unique hiring challenges in 2023 with these insights rooted in data and the latest hiring trends. And when you need a partner to help facilitate your new strategies, let ExactHire be your guide!

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