Free ATS Buying Guide

Recently released on ExactHire’s website is a comprehensive overview of applicant tracking systems. We have a detailed account of features provided, the cost of the software, important integrations, and the overall importance of the product. This guide breaks down the components that make up an applicant tracking system and explains each of them in detail. The guide also goes over potential cost savings associated with an ATS, as well as the importance an applicant tracking system has on a company.

Why create a Free ATS buying guide?

You might wonder why would we be interested in providing such information? Well at ExactHire we frequently find ourselves receiving questions about how our ATS compares to others. This often leads to a conversation centered around a prospect’s hiring challenges and how an ATS–any ATS–can address those. So considering we have these discussions on a daily basis with the people who ask, we figured there are thousands of more people out there who need basic, non-biased information regarding applicant tracking systems, but who don’t ask us.

Countless search items on Google lead straight to dead pages, outdated information, or biased answers. We saw a problem with this and wanted to make a resource where small business owners, new HR practitioners, and others can go to receive the information they need. So we took it upon ourselves to create a free ATS buyer’s guide!

We believe that by providing a wealth of information on the topic, consumers are better prepared to make buying decisions with better accuracy as to what they need. This, in turn, will lead to a happier ATS customer and thus better relationships between customers and ATS vendors (hopefully that vendor is us, but if not, we’ll take the positive karma).

What is in the buying guide?

The content of the free ATS buying guide, as stated before, is comprehensive. We start off with a basic definition and other key points. Then the guide dives into different features and integrations you can expect or want out of different applicant tracking systems. Then we talk about costs associated with applicant tracking systems and what kind of returns on investments you receive from an applicant tracking system. Lastly, we delve into the importance of an applicant tracking system and what difference it can make for your company.

This and more are all included in the buying guide, all completely free! If you, your HR department, or anyone else in your company wants to learn more about applicant tracking systems and what they can do for your company, then there is no better place to look then our ultimate buying guide!

ExactHire ATS Buying Guide

Linked below and throughout the blog is the buying guide, please use the link to explore the buying guide and all it has to offer. If you feel that any questions of yours aren’t answered, or would like an elaboration on any point made, please contact a member of our team.

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ExactHire Partners with JobTarget

Indianapolis, Indiana – August 16th, 2021– ExactHire and JobTarget are pleased to announce that they have formed a strategic partnership whereby JobTarget’s products will be available through ExactHire’s Applicant Tracking Software (ATS).

JobTarget is one of the largest job advertising platforms on the internet. They provide the web’s only e-commerce marketplace for job postings, Job Site Marketplace as well as an auto optimized job posting product called Programmatic. This system automatically and actively manages job posting campaigns. It analyzes each job posting, seeing if where it’s posted is driving the right candidates. If it determines a posting isn’t performing well, it shifts budgets to other sites that will.

ExactHire provides applicant tracking and employee onboarding software to the SMB market. Clients have access to a team of SHRM-certified hiring strategists to develop successful hiring plans for their companies. ExactHire increases job seeker traffic to optimized job applications, resulting in more job applicants and more qualified candidates. Using ExactHire ATS, managers can screen candidates and efficiently move them through the hiring process to make quality hiring decisions. The system can then launch new hires into a fully-integrated digital onboarding software for clients that need both solutions.

Bringing together JobTarget’s digital recruiting expertise and ExactHire’s applicant tracking software, this partnership will provide effective and efficient recruitment advertising for ExactHire clients and free them from the manual work of having to analyze and manage each of their postings.

To learn more about the integration, visit or


“For both companies, this partnership is exciting. We are two leading organizations, in recruitment technology, joining forces to provide successful and efficient solutions. We are very thrilled to be partnering with ExactHire,” – Geoff Sauer, Vice President of Sales

Our partnership with JobTarget adds great value for our ExactHire clients. The integration enhances our system’s job posting functions, making it easier for our clients to reach more job seekers, manage job ad spend, and ultimately receive more qualified candidates. This will always be an important aspect of a company’s success.” – Harlan Schafir, Chief Visionary Officer, ExactHire

About JobTarget

JobTarget is a recruitment innovator. We’re on a mission to create an amazing job search experience. We do this by providing a recruiting and job search platform that helps create better communication, greater transparency, and increased efficiency. Since 2001, JobTarget has been helping organizations and millions of job seekers find each other. JobTarget offers advertisement to a network of 25,000+ job sites. We offer a variety of products, like Job Site Marketplace, Programmatic, and Media Services to make your job postings easy and efficient.

About ExactHire

ExactHire helps growing organizations solve unique hiring and onboarding problems so that they can attract, hire, and retain the best talent–fast and effectively. We achieve this through pairing our powerful HR software with a team of SHRM-certified hiring strategists that provide ongoing support and guidance.

It’s Not About Selling Software

The COVID-19 pandemic has required that ExactHire, like many other companies, move to a mandatory work-from-home model. ExactHire has always offered remote work as an option to our employees, so this change has minimally affected our operations. Obviously, the same cannot be said for the pandemic’s impact on our business.

Our software is designed to create efficiencies for HR professionals and allow them to focus on their people. We believe that people are an organization’s greatest asset. So as soon as news of the pandemic hit, and prospective clients began cancelling demos and breaking off communications, we knew why. Their only concern and focus was on their people.

Within our organization, our team has worked quickly to discuss how we can take care of our people–our families, our team, our clients, and human resources professionals. This is not about selling software, it’s about the safety and welfare of our community. There is nothing more important today and in the days to come.

Our Families

As mentioned, ExactHire has always offered remote work as an option. Those who’ve felt “a little” sick have been encouraged (sometimes told) to work from home. Additionally, members of our team with children are empowered to work from home when a child is ill, allowing them to flex their time if they choose. The pandemic has made these “options” mandatory, but our team has not missed a beat.

We know that our team is at its best when they and their families are safe and well. Yes, this means that some work calls may include barking dogs, ringing doorbells, and toddler talk. But it also means that our clients and community are working with an organization and people who care. It’s not about selling software.

Our Team

Challenges are usually a source of energy for our team. And while this pandemic is likely the biggest challenge we will face, our team has not blinked. Collectively, we’ve worked through questions and solutions related to our own health and safety, current and future needs of our clients, and how we can leverage our resources to help our community.

We’re part of the ExactHire team because we believe that we can help people. We help business owners, HR professionals, employees, job applicants, and job seekers. That’s what has kept our team together and positive during this time–the belief that we can help others. It’s not about selling software.

Our Clients

A month ago, HR professionals across the world were dealing with a completely different set of problems than the ones they have today. Even now, employers are uncertain of what the future may hold. Despite the hourly changes in what the pandemic could mean to our world, a prevailing sentiment is emerging–things may be different, but we will move forward.

Our VP of Client Success, Randi Doerr, recently created a video message to our clients. In it, she explained that while we as a software company cannot solve the many challenges that they face, we stand ready and willing to do what we can. It’s not about selling software.

Our HR Professionals

Helping others is usually easiest with those whom we are the closest–we know their needs and the offer of help is more likely accepted. However during times like these, we all must reach further to help one another and accept help from wherever it may come.

Our team has developed countless articles, ebooks, webinars, and guides to help HR professionals. This content includes topics such as:

  • remote working,
  • company culture and employee engagement,
  • HR change management, and
  • leadership.

We’ve compiled the best of these resources all in one place on our website. We know that these resources cannot possibly solve all the challenges that the COVID-19 pandemic presents, but it’s our sincere hope that they do help in at least some small measure. It’s not about selling software.

Our Future

As a small business, we’ve experienced the ups and downs that all growing companies must endure. Our team has never backed down from a challenge; we don’t intend to do so now. But we do realize the serious threat that the COVID-19 pandemic poses to our world. And so we’re doing what we can to take care of our people.

We believe that if everyone continues to do the same, we will not only emerge from this current emergency stronger, but perhaps better too.



Harlan Schafir



Harlan Schafir
CEO, ExactHire


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Andrew Taylor

Andrew Taylor joined ExactHire in July 2020 as a Full Stack Developer, and has been developing professionally since 2012.  Andrew is eager to collaborate with the ExactHire and DeveloperTown teams to find innovative solutions and make a positive difference in the hiring and onboarding industries.
Prior to joining ExactHire, Andrew worked for Stack Sports, a sports technology company, as a lead developer and development team manager.  He primarily developed software related to the endurance sports sector for participant registration, timing/scoring, and results posting, but also worked closely with clients to develop volunteer management, fundraising, and communications solutions.

Andrew holds a B.A. in History and Classics from Hope College, in Holland, MI.

In his free time, Andrew likes to spend time with his wife and kids, read, play video games, try out new restaurants, garden, and generally enjoy the great outdoors.