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5 Steps to Zip-Line Talent – Applicant Tracking System

Ever zip-lined? If not, you should. It’s fast, fun, and–thankfully–safe.

This fall, the ExactHire team took to the treetops of Eagle Creek Park in Indianapolis for a Go Ape! zip-line adventure. Over 2,300 feet of cable tied between 39 waypoints  provided thrilling “zips” across heights of more than 40 feet. The trip was part of ExactHire’s incentive program that rewards our team for meeting quarterly performance goals. Now that’s a nice benefit!

And since we’re in the business of helping small- to medium-sized companies leverage technology to hire top talent, we can’t help but draw some inspiration from our adventure. So what can you take away from a zip-line adventure that can be applied to tracking job applicants?

Well, with a little bit of reflection–and some admittedly forced metaphors–here are five steps to “zip-lining” your talent through the hiring process.

HireCentric Applicant Tracking System

5 Steps to Zip-Line Talent


1. Safely get them hooked up.

You may be wary of embracing a digital storage solution. But ExactHire’s HireCentric applicant tracking system ensures that you’re in compliance with EEOC and other Federal employment regulations. Additionally, all personally identifiable information is stored on a separate server and hosted on Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) pages. HR administrators may access applicant information on these SSL encrypted pages only after logging in with a unique username and password. Learn More About Our Security

2. Clearly tell them where they’re going.

HireCentric gives you the capability to pre-screen applicants by customizing minimum criteria for each open position. If applicants don’t meet that criteria, they can be filtered out from consideration, leaving you with a more manageable list. But more importantly, applicants–qualified and unqualified–can now quickly receive an update on their status.  Learn More About Pre-Screening

3. Quickly send them down the line.

All of your applicants are safe and secure inside your database. You have quickly filtered out the unqualified applicants and notified them of their status. Now you’re focused on only qualified applicants. But great talent won’t wait around forever, so you need to quickly zero in on your ideal candidates. HireCentric makes it easy to share candidate information with other stakeholders at each stage in the selection process. This leads to quicker, more informed decisions and, ultimately, better hires. Learn More About Sharing Candidate Information

4. Kindly prepare them for the landing.

Your hiring team has come to a consensus on the top candidates. You’ve completed phone interviews, and perhaps the candidate has even completed an online assessment. Now you’re ready to bring the top candidates in for an interview. Through the use of customizable email templates and status codes, you can ensure that all candidates are up-to-date and engaged at every point in your hiring process. This means that no candidates slip through the cracks and that every applicant feels informed and appreciated. Learn More About Applicant Management

5. Leave them smiling.

By using HireCentric, you have effectively “zipped” your pool of applicants through your hiring process. With branded online applications and email communications, your company has provided a personalized look. With efficient management of your candidates through the hiring process, you have lent a personalized touch. You’ve avoided the “black hole” experience that so many other companies leave with applicants, and though you could only hire one candidate, they all walk away with the impression that they were treated with fairness and respect. And if there’s an opening in the future, you now have a strong applicant pool to re-engage. Request a Full Demo of HireCentric applicant tracking system


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