Sharing Joy With Customers

As an employee at a small business, you frequently have the opportunity to interact with customers, and it’s easy to see how your work directly impacts the customer experience. You also have the opportunity to learn about different aspects of the business, so that when the organization succeeds in one area, it’s easier to share in the joy of that success.

Recently, ExactHire succeeded in optimizing HireCentric ATS for mobile devices, while also migrating the platform to new servers where it can more easily be updated in response to our customers’ needs. A huge win!

As we celebrated, I realized something: although it’s my teammates’ success, the big winners are our customers. We successfully improved our product and set the stage for future improvements without increasing costs to our customers–we added value. So a large part of our celebration was the excitement we had for our customers. And I think this genuine excitement for customers is something unique to small businesses.

Sharing Joy

At a larger company, this news like ours might be circulated in a memo, added to the website, and emailed to clients. Employees would read, acknowledge, and then go about their day. But at ExactHire, we all shared in this success and in communicating it to our customers.

We pride ourselves in taking a personal interest in our clients, in going the extra mile–or two–to ensure that our clients succeed through the optimal use of our solutions. So when it came time to share the news that HireCentric ATS was optimized for mobile devices, we felt that a simple email just wouldn’t do.

We had to do more for our customers. We had to share our joy. And what better way to share your joy than to hone your inner thespian and breakout into song and dance. With a loosely written script, bad lighting, worse audio…but with enthusiastic (though roundly tone-deaf) actors, we set to the task of making a promo video announcing HireCentric’s new mobile-friendly platform!

Bringing The Team Together

Involving the majority of our staff was possible thanks to our size–small businesses can more easily do something like this. And although a few of our employees were working remotely, we were able to use mobile devices, cloud-drives, and email to get the job done. But, of course, it also required a team that was willing to be a little goofy for the good of the cause–luckily we have that in spades.

The end result of our efforts was a fun (to create and to watch) video that communicated some of the primary benefits of our updated platform. Oh, and some really hilarious outtakes that–at least at this point–may not be suitable for public distribution. So check it out and let us know what you think!

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