Applicant Tracking System Video Demo

HireCentric Applicant Tracking Software Demo

ExactHire’s applicant tracking software is designed to improve the process of hiring new employees, lending efficiency and organization to human resources departments while finding the right fit for every position in your organization. This multi-faceted software solution delivers a range of services to its users. The administrative side of this software offers easy access to a variety of features, including job postings management, applicant screening, communication with candidates and various reporting needs, either within your organization or to external entities.

On the applicant side, this software can seamlessly transition from your organization’s website to the software interface while supporting applicants with a variety of features. Informational articles and resources, including a frequently asked questions page, can be established. Applicants can access your various social media accounts to connect with your company through these portals. They can also quickly apply to new positions with greater ease by accessing their candidate profile and using certain content from a previous employment application. Meanwhile, the employees responsible for hiring can easily review applicants and assign various statuses to communicate the stage in the hiring process in which each applicant resides. Or, if applicants don’t meet the minimum hiring standards, they can be easily and automatically be removed from consideration with scoring and disqualification filters.

And since organizations sometimes need to represent their hiring processes to regulatory bodies, this applicant tracking software is outfitted with an ad hoc report builder, as well as several standard reports, that can be easily assembled, exported and used for regulatory efforts. In fact, the software was designed with EEO, affirmative action and other employment compliance requirements in mind, so this management tool is one of its strengths.