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OnboardCentric Overview Video

After the process of wading through applicants and making hiring decisions, the task of onboarding comes to the forefront. This is a critical time for both new employees and the employer, and optimization is key to success. Most employers guide new hires through an onboarding process of some kind that includes the gathering of relevant information, including both state and federal employment paperwork, and various orientation and training requirements. It’s often a whirlwind process in which hires are trying to get their bearings as HR staff try to stay organized.

With the OnboardCentric onboarding software, management can effortlessly track employees through the onboarding process and learn more about those individuals at the same time. Paperless HR tasks are much more easily implemented and managed in a hands-off manner, and approving various forms can be done in a single click. At the end of the process, new hire forms can easily be approved by both employees and administrators through the use of an electronic signature.