Hiring Software Works for Internships

Hiring Software Works For Internships

I can’t believe it’s already November! Fall is in full swing and school is back in session. I love this time of year, cool crisp weather and football all weekend! Unfortunately, time flies and seasons change! Before you know it, it will be full blown holiday season…is your company ready? Do you offer internships through holiday break or even for spring quarter? Believe it or not, college kids are already thinking about their potential internship opportunities! A hiring software solution, such as an applicant tracking system or employee onboarding software, can be a wonderful tool for helping to source and onboard not just permanent employees, but also interns for your company now and in future hiring seasons.

Why not use applicant tracking to recruit interns, or even seasonal help?

Revisit your typical recruiting process for picking interns…do you use a separate employment application for these positions; or, is it the same standard application used for permanent positions? Either way, ExactHire’s ATS can help streamline your internship application process. Students (who are, by the way, your potential full-time employees of tomorrow) will be impressed with the overall recruitment experience and technology. This promotes positive word of mouth awareness for your company – it’s a win-win!

In addition to your standard application questions, you may still use job-specific screening questions with scoring and disqualification filters, too! Think about what you would ask of a current student before hiring them as an intern…for example:

  • Have you had an internship previously? If so, what did you enjoy/dislike?
  • Please describe how your school extracurricular activities have prepared you for this internship position.
  • Are you able to work while still attending school?

All of these (as well as other topics) are important and can be made into screening questions. After you have a pool qualified applicants, you will be able to start to narrow down your choices and pick the final intern candidates that best fit your needs and company culture.

Another bonus of using applicant tracking software for your internship hiring process is that you can accumulate an inventory of students that fit your requirements. The next time you have an internship or full time position to fill, you already have a pool of “warm lead” applicants from which to engage interest and potentially convert candidates.

Using a hiring solution such as an ATS to find those students that will be the best fit for your company’s intern positions makes the selection process more efficient and consistent, benefiting your company in the long run as well.

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