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2 Ways To Avoid A “Workation”

It’s fall break time and lots of ExactHire employees have vacation plans over the next two weeks. It’s hard to avoid slipping into vacation mode a little early, knowing that the beach is calling my name. Having flexible work time allows some extra time to prep for travel, but I am also reminded of the […]

Why More Is Not Always Better – Recruiting Talent

Is the old adage, “Less is more.” really true? Nowadays, new jobs are posted EVERYWHERE! You can find them on job boards, social media, industry specific sites, and even in the newspaper still…I think. This means that MORE applicants are likely seeing your openings, which can also mean MORE applications to review. Hiring can be […]

A Simple Onboarding Cheat Sheet

As summer comes to an end and everyone’s schedule gets hectic with school, fall activities and new work projects, finding ways to simplify and focus at work are a must!  There are countless tips out there for enhancing your employee onboarding process (think employee retention), but here is a quick “cheat sheet” to make sure […]

10 Tips for Small Businesses to Start an HR Department

Recently, I wrote about making your first hire, but I probably should have prefaced it with this blog which asks the question…how should your small company approach creating a human resources department?  Eventually any growing business will have an HR department so here are some items to think about when starting up a company or […]

Do Not Underpay Employees – 3 Reasons Why

Everyone wants to save a buck nowadays, and companies are no different. I am in finance so I understand. I am always looking for ways to help save the company money or find more efficient ways to function in order to be “leaner” overall.  That being said, here is one place that you do not […]

Making Your First Hire – Don’t Be Nervous

So you are a small business and ready to grow – maybe you are currently the only employee or you have a few partners in your company.  Or maybe you are building a HR department from scratch. Either way, making your very first hire can be daunting, here are a few things to keep in […]

Applicant Tracking Systems for Not-For-Profits

Applicant tracking systems (ATS) can be appropriate for many different industries and many different business sizes…the right system for your organization will depend on the unique needs or your business as features will vary depending on the software application. In this blog, I would like to focus on how applicant tracking software can be beneficial […]

Bad Resumes Are Like Celebrity Train Wrecks

I admit that it is a guilty pleasure of mine to read celebrity gossip articles and websites. It’s humorous, mindless trash but I read it anyway, similar to a train wreck…you just can’t help but watch and see what happens next. In the past week alone, we learned that Beyonce’s sister has rage issues and […]