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Four Ways To Warm Up Morale During Winter

While we’ve been pretty lucky this winter to have mild weather compared to past years, cold weather can still be a major downer to many and can affect the overall mood of a small business. As a small business leader, you may want to look for ways to “warm up” or improve company morale during […]

2 Ways To Avoid A “Workation”

It’s fall break time and lots of ExactHire employees have vacation plans over the next two weeks. It’s hard to avoid slipping into vacation mode a little early, knowing that the beach is calling my name. Having flexible work time allows some extra time to prep for travel, but I am also reminded of the […]

A Simple Onboarding Cheat Sheet

As summer comes to an end and everyone’s schedule gets hectic with school, fall activities and new work projects, finding ways to simplify and focus at work are a must!  There are countless tips out there for enhancing your employee onboarding process (think employee retention), but here is a quick “cheat sheet” to make sure […]

Onboarding SWAG Never Gets Old!

Swag is everywhere these days… who doesn’t love getting free stuff?!  Whether its free lip balm at the dentist office, pens at the bank or coolies at a sporting event, everyone has some type of swag in their possession. But did you know this is also a great item to give to your staff?? Part […]

Applicant Experience: Is Your Career Page Pulling Its Weight?

For many potential candidates, seeing your company’s website is their first impression of your organization, and it’s important to make it a good one! After a candidate reviews other pages on the site, you know they will end up on your “career” page. It’s imperative that they be happy with what they see, because if […]

Job Hunting – Cool, Calm, Personal

You’ve likely heard the saying “Don’t let them see you sweat.” Well, you might find that this adage especially applies to job hunting. When job hunting, you want to make sure to stay calm and positive–never give the impression that you are desperate for a job because it will overshadow all your positives. Here are […]