"Bad resumes- Celebrity train wrecks"

Bad Resumes Are Like Celebrity Train Wrecks

I admit that it is a guilty pleasure of mine to read celebrity gossip articles and websites. It’s humorous, mindless trash but I read it anyway, similar to a train wreck…you just can’t help but watch and see what happens next. In the past week alone, we learned that Beyonce’s sister has rage issues and Angelina Jolie had a makeup faux pas on the red carpet. What exciting things will come next?!? I started thinking about some of the bad mistakes people make on resumes, and how they could be similar to the celebrity missteps I see in gossip columns.

Bad opening objective

This is your chance to make the best first impression. It’s the first thing a recruiter will read and you want to dazzle him/her. A bad objective is like showing up on the red carpet with bad make-up…people will remember it, and even if the rest of your resume (or gown) is amazing, they will not be able to stop thinking about that first impression mistake. Be specific in your objective and tailor it to what the organization is looking for in its open position.

Visually cluttered – aka a hot mess

Most people like “pretty” things, resumes are the same. Having a very busy or cluttered resume will surely land you on the “Worst Dressed” lists, time and time again, like Miley Cyrus. Remember that your resume is not the only one that is being seen by the recruiter so make sure it is legible and neat. Don’t overcrowd information. Gone are the days of resumes being printed out on paper regularly…so do not feel the urge to squish all your information into one page. If you need to use two pages, it is more acceptable now especially since so many companies use applicant tracking software for managing and storing applicant information.

Boring or Vague

This makes me think of the long winded, over-sharing type of celebrity who posts 20 times a day on Twitter and has more hashtags than brain cells. After a while, no one pays attention to her. Regarding your resume, make sure you are concise and specific. When listing past job experiences, use action verbs and state accomplishments, not just duties. This will keep the organization interested without giving recruiters too much. You can always elaborate more in a cover letter or during an interview.


Can you say wardrobe malfunction a la Janet Jackson? This is a major oops for anyone! There is no reason to have typos or other grammatical errors on your resume. Make sure you proofread it and also have another person review your resume before sending it out. If there are errors, the recruiter is likely to think that you do not care much about the job or lack attention to detail; either scenario will hurt your chances of landing the job. Reading your resume out loud might also help you find any other errors that you have missed, too.

By following these rules, not only with your resume avoid the “trash” pile and a negative shout out by Joan Rivers and Kelly Osbourne, but it will also be more favorably reviewed by recruiters. To learn more about our ExactHire’s recruiting software products, please visit our resources section or contact us now.

Image credit: trainwreck by Daniel Pierce (contact)

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