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Hiring Technology In Layman’s Terms

When I hired on at ExactHire, I honestly had NO idea what this company did. I had never dealt with applicant tracking systems and onboarding before. These were words that might as well have been foreign! To make it more interesting, my family and friends wanted to hear all about my new job and what services we provided…. I had a hard time explaining, at first.

I am an accounting person, a number geek if you will. I have some sales and marketing background but overall, I have always preferred the role as a “bean counter.” Business school had taught me some basic HR ideas and terms. Being at ExactHire has certainly broadened that scope. Interestingly enough, I had just been out on the job search… applying to jobs online, talking to recruiters and searching all the job posting sites out there. I got pretty good at filling out all the online applications. Ironically, I now work for a company that has web-based options for making hiring easier for any company.

Basically ExactHire has three different products:

Employee Assessments Explained

Assessments are pretty self-explanatory; you answer a bunch of questions about yourself and get a report back on your cognitive skills and/or behavioral traits, depending on the assessment type. An understanding of how you are “wired” will help both you and your employer ensure that you have the best possible chance of job fit with your intended position. Every new employee at ExactHire takes one of these, and the version I took reminded me of the tests you take as a junior in high school when you are deciding what to do for the rest of your life (because 17 year olds are good at big decisions!)!

Onboarding Software and Going Paperless

Onboarding software is also pretty easy to explain… we make hiring a new employee easy and paperless!! Yes, being GREEN is important (and trendy). The client tells us what forms they need their new employees to fill out (from I-9’s to tax and direct deposit forms just to name a few), and we provide those for them – paperlessly (is that a word?!).

Understanding Applicant Tracking Systems

Finally, the big mystery – what is an applicant tracking system? Basically, ExactHire provides a web site to each of our clients to help with their hiring needs. The client can post jobs, track applicants that apply and manage any resumes that are submitted. It’s actually quite brilliant! There are tons of benefits to this technology as well. The company can reach more potential candidates by pushing listings to external job boards, too. The recruitment process is more efficient and consistent. This allows each company to enhance its employment “brand” and customize its priorities for applicants. The hiring team can search through their database of applicants to find those that fit certain requirements while saving info of others, who may be a good fit down the road. Overall, this is perfect for making good hiring decisions so that each of our clients can build their best team.

At ExactHire, we strongly believe in the importance of job fit. Using all three of these products can make the hiring process much more pleasant for the applicant as well – which means good “word of mouth” advertising for your company. FREE positive advertising…who doesn’t need that!? Now next time you hear “ATS” or “onboarding” in a conversation (because that could happen!) you will know exactly what those terms mean!

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