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Social Media Integration can be implemented easily with the use of HireCentric’s Applicant Tracking System. The primary benefit of incorporating social media integrations into a company’s talent acquisition strategy is the potential for expanding its audience for job opportunities and gaining more applicants.

First, HireCentric ATS users are able to seamlessly and automatically integrate information about job listings with their corporate social media platforms — most notably Facebook and Twitter. Followers of these social media channels will then have visibility over any new job listings for the organization. Second, applicants and job seekers are able to easily share any of the organization’s job listings with their networks through their personal social media accounts.

In addition to effortless integration, our recruiting software even provides clients access to a Facebook jobs application that enables employers to automatically embed current job listings within their corporate Facebook page. This gives job seekers the ability to view and take action on job listings without having to leave Facebook. Fewer clicks lead to better applicant conversion rates!

In a time where web pages and trends are changing by the minute, it is crucial to take advantage of social media integrations to mobilize job listing campaigns and engage and attract candidates that may be a good fit for your organization. HireCentric applicant tracking software utilizes an integration that automatically pushes newly-created job postings to an employer’s connected social platforms (e.g. Twitter and Facebook), allowing HR professionals to spend less time on manual updates and more time on strategic human resources initiatives.

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HireCentric ATS Social Media Integration

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