New Hire Paperwork

New Hire Paperwork is a collection of documents that must be completed by a new employee during the onboarding process with a new employer. The items included in this paperwork can vary slightly by company, but typical new hire documents for U.S. organizations include the: I-9 form; W-4 form; state tax form; direct deposit information; policy/employee handbook review acknowledgment and emergency contact information form.

Some new employee documents are time sensitive because they must be completed by an employee and approved by a company representative within a short period of time following an individual’s hire date – for example, the I-9 form. For organizations with a decentralized workforce, adhering to short time frames can be challenging since employees may be in different locations than the staff members who must approve documents.

By using OnboardCentric web-based onboarding software from ExactHire, companies can realize a significant decrease in the amount of time necessary to collect new hire paperwork. Shuffling papers between office locations is no longer necessary and submitted documents are always legible.

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