Paperless Office Solutions

Paperless hiring allows an organization to eliminate the traditional hard copy paperwork associated with various aspects of the talent management process through the use of software applications. For example, with the aid of an applicant tracking system, a company no longer needs to collect paper resumes and employment applications and can instead route interested individuals to a web-based platform for job applications.

A paperless onboarding application enables organizations to invite new employees to complete new hire paperwork electronically which reduces errors, makes documents legible and decreases the time and costs associated with printing and storage. Having paperless office solutions in place can dramatically reduce time to fill and time to hire for various jobs across an organization because paperwork no longer has to be shuffled around different departments.

While entry costs for these software applications might have been palatable only to large corporations in the past, technology advances over the past few years have made today’s paperless software very attainable and well-suited for small to medium sized companies, as well. ExactHire’s employee onboarding software is one such example.

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