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Paper Kills! New Hire Paperwork Kills Productivity

Advances in technology over the past few years have allowed organizations to streamline a variety of functions. Accounting, inventory control, payroll – these areas, and others, have seen significant advances in efficiency due to automation.

Human Resources departments have also felt the positive impact of automation, although perhaps not to the extent of other organizational areas. Functions such as benefits administration, applicant tracking and performance management have been made easier with advances in automation capabilities over the past decade. However, a newer technology that has been gaining traction over the past couple of years is poised to help automate one of the most painful aspects of hiring for most organizations – new hire paperwork. The solution is employee onboarding software.

Onboarding software is HR technology that makes the new employee process paperless. Different solutions utilize different approaches, but there are common advantages to using this type of tool:

  • Eliminate paper and printing/storage costs as forms change over time
  • Ensure accurate and complete documents
  • Avoid “back-and-forth” with new employees to gather all necessary documents
  • Reduce overnight shipping charges for off-site hires
  • No need to print and store copies for future reference

Even better, these paperless technology options typically allow you to replicate virtually
all forms unique to your organization’s new hire process.

Examples of forms that can typically be made paperless by utilizing employee onboarding software:

  • Federal Form I-9 / e-Verify integration
  • Federal W-4 withholding form
  • State withholding forms
  • Background and drug testing authorization forms
  • Employee handbook authorization forms
  • Sexual harassment or workplace violence policy acknowledgement forms
  • Direct deposit authorization form
  • Emergency contact form
  • Uniform order forms / Technology order forms
  • Continuing education program enrollment form
  • Building access card request form
  • Confidentiality agreement
  • Personal information form
  • …and more!

Consider these factors to determine if onboarding software is right for streamlining new hire paperwork in your organization:

  • Number of hires you make per year
  • Number of forms required in your new hire packet
  • Whether those forms change based on position hired or geographic location
  • Whether you hire people across multiple locations
  • Internal resources available to handle these tasks manually – would automating free these resources for other more relevant and/or strategic human resources efforts?

As an HR professional, you owe it to yourself to be aware of this trend and how it can impact both your organization and your new hires. Let’s hope that over the next few years, we can all experience a paperless employee onboarding world – happier trees, no paper cuts, and happy new hires everywhere!

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