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Streamline Your Candidate Feedback Process

Many of our clients wrestle with the issue of how much access to allow hiring managers during the candidate recruiting cycle. In particular, one of the concerns most frequently cited is the potential for managers to log candidate notes that may be (intentionally or unintentionally) inappropriate or discriminatory. This creates potential exposure for the organization. […]

Fresh Eyes On Your Hiring Process

How is your hiring process? Does it get the job done? Could it be better? Several months ago, new owners took possession of our office complex. Since then, parking lots were re-surfaced, carpeting was replaced, signage was updated, entry foyers were completely remodeled, and many other improvements were made. Before the purchase, I think that […]

Offboarding Is Just As Important As Onboarding

Organizations of all sizes continue to hear about the importance of new-employee onboarding as it relates to employee engagement and overall retention. But many have found that the days of tracking all of these functions manually or in a spreadsheet are over. They are looking for better ways to organize the new-hire onboarding process and […]

Indiana Basketball And Hiring – What Can We Learn?

I live in Indiana, where basketball is king. Whether you attended Indiana University or not (I did not–I’m a proud Butler University Bulldog), IU basketball is a mainstay of conversations throughout the state, especially this time of year. This year, however, IU basketball is the topic of conversation for the wrong reasons.  Over the past […]

Applicant Engagement – 5 Quick Tips

It’s interesting to see how the recruiting landscape has changed over the past  years.  When the 2008 recession began (and even as it entered full swing), applicant engagement was the last thing on the minds of the few organizations hiring at the time. I recall a frustrated client telling me at the time that he […]

Employee Onboarding: What’s It Mean?

What does employee onboarding mean? Because one of our software tools helps to automate many of the tasks and documentation commonly associated with new hire onboarding, this question is asked of me quite frequently. And while the definition certainly changes from one workplace to another, I think it is helpful to break it into two […]

Make Hiring More Predictable

We recently hired another staff member, and as we wound down the process, one of the key factors in choosing the person we did was based on the type of work they had done previously and the positive feedback from others who had worked with that person in those prior positions. This made me stop […]

Social Media and Job Hunting – 3 Tips for Success

If you’re considering a career change, social media can be a wonderful tool to help you find opportunities and introductions not easily available in your day-to-day life. At the same time, these tools can cut the other way, if not used properly. For example, if you think the picture above is a great way to […]