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Improve Your Hiring Process: Protect Employment Brand

The importance of branding is often overlooked when talking about efficiency and technology in the hiring process. There’s definitely a parallel here with my last blog about comparing apples to apples in the hiring process, where I covered the importance of data in both day-to-day business and in recruiting. The same concept applies to branding. […]

Improve Your Hiring Process: Compare Apples to Apples

Now that you’ve narrowed your initial list of applicants to a more manageable number, it’s time to look at those remaining candidates in more detail. So, what’s the best way to do this? As with the first step of your candidate management process (see my prior blog: “Improve Your Hiring Process: Thin the Herd”), you […]

Improve Your Hiring Process: Thin the Herd

As you might gather from the title above, this is the first blog in a seven-part series about core concepts your organization can use to improve the efficiency and overall results of your recruiting and hiring process. While not the most glamorous topic out there, I think the majority of people involved with recruiting will […]

Make Your Hiring Process Friendly for Applicants

I’ve read a number of articles over the past few months about how impersonal and cumbersome the hiring process is for most employers. Given the space we operate in, we pay particular attention to those comments, as those same comments may apply to our clients and their applicants. The underlying issues for these opinions appear […]

Paper Kills! New Hire Paperwork Kills Productivity

Advances in technology over the past few years have allowed organizations to streamline a variety of functions. Accounting, inventory control, payroll – these areas, and others, have seen significant advances in efficiency due to automation. Human Resources departments have also felt the positive impact of automation, although perhaps not to the extent of other organizational […]