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Posting Jobs To Job Boards – How To Automate

I talk with groups frequently about the use of social media tools to help drive qualified candidates to their open positions. While I believe strongly in those efforts, the fact remains that job boards still account for a significant amount of applicant traffic for most organizations. Naturally, then, clients typically want to know where they […]

Are Electronic Signatures Valid?

Because our employee onboarding software utilizes electronic signatures, we are quite frequently asked “are electronic signatures valid?” The short answer is…yes. Requirements for Valid Electronic Signatures However, for this to hold true, there are conditions that have to be met. These were established with the Electronic Signatures in Global and National Commerce Act (ESIGN) of […]

What Is An Applicant Flow Log Report?

What’s an applicant flow log? Many of our clients are required to comply with Affirmative Action and OFCCP (Office of Federal Contract Compliance Programs) regulations. While these regulations are wide-ranging and very comprehensive, they typically apply to organizations that have government contracts (or sometimes subcontracts). At their core, these programs help to ensure that organizations […]

Top 5 Considerations For Understanding Employee Assessments

Employee assessments have been around for decades. Organizations use them for hiring, team-building, conflict resolution and succession planning. While there are many legitimate options for these tools in the marketplace, there are many more that either aren’t very reliable or, worse yet, aren’t legal to use in certain situations. I get asked about these a […]

Improve Your Hiring Process: Communicate With Applicants

How often is your recruiting department fielding unsolicited calls from applicants that are inquiring about the status of their application with your company? Too frequently? Well, its time to proactively communicate with your candidates so they don’t even feel the urge to pick up the phone or shoot off that next email inquiry. In the […]