Employee Engagement

Employee Engagement in the workplace focuses on the understanding and consistent improvement of employees’ attitudes about employment with their organization throughout the company. To increase employee engagement, a business must work to continuously improve factors that influence and result in an employee’s job satisfaction, potential for growth, and sense of having a personal stake in the improvement of the organization. HireCentric’s Applicant Tracking System (ATS) allows businesses to leverage web-based hiring software to engage employees in a variety of ways.

Employee Referral System

An employee referral system can bring new applicants to a business while simultaneously increasing employee engagement by giving existing employees a stake in the hiring process. Employee referrals can lead to better job fit, thus improving job performance, and decreasing the turnover rate.

Admin Notes and Ratings

Depending on the number of applicants you are considering for a specific position, you may have comments/notes about numerous applicants from different selection process stakeholders to track and manage. Using the admin notes and ratings features within HireCentric can help make that process easy and paperless for all your employees involved in hiring. This system allows members present in the interviewing stage to participate in rating and commenting on a particular interview candidate.

HR Data Surveys

Use HireCentric applicant tracking software to create custom internal surveys that can be used by many users involved in the selection process to record additional information (such as interview question answers and notes) about a specific candidate – information that may even be used to score or flag candidates.

Employee Engagement Through Effective Employee Onboarding

Another important aspect to employee engagement is the initial and continued engagement of newly hired employees via the onboarding process. ExactHire offers Employee Onboarding Software to make the process of onboarding a new employee electronically accessible for even small- and medium-sized employers: from automating the necessary paperwork, to prompting process stakeholders to complete additional onboarding and learning activities. Using technology to help augment and sustain a new employment relationship will result in a positive work environment. Onboarding software also allows an organization to be more efficient with time so that employee engagement activities can be made a significant priority.

HireCentric ATS Employee Engagement

Click the below images to see what employee engagement features work within our applicant-tracking software.

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