employee onboarding process

Envision, Promote, and Implement Employee Onboarding Process Improvement

New employees’ first impressions of your organization will make or break your employment brand, setting off a chain of events that will certainly impact your business outcomes on the not-so-distant horizon. That’s why more human resource professionals are now taking the plunge to reengineer their onboarding processes. With effective executive and peer stakeholder engagement, documented process milestones and an infusion of automation technology, they’re not only making gains in onboarding efficiency, they’re also reducing turnover and enabling new employees to be productive more quickly, all while making desirable waves when it comes to the organization’s bottom line.

This ebook offers guidance on the best practices for employee onboarding, including

  • expanding your onboarding definition,
  • identifying common problems,
  • making a business case for change,
  • calculating the ROI of onboarding technology,
  • laying the framework,
  • implementing innovative ideas,
  • maintaining a continuous feedback loop, and
  • spotting trends in onboarding process automation.

We hope this resource guide will help your organization stay on course and realize new opportunities to gain a competitive advantage through best-in-class employee onboarding activities.