ExactHire Company Culture Monday Funday December 2015

Work Culture–Monday FunDay

ExactHire wrapped up a successful 2015 with the final Monday FunDay of the year on December 21. In addition to the monthly competition and employee workiversary/birthday celebrations, we added a Sweet Treat Exchange for everyone to enjoy. Combining these activities made for an exciting, sugar-charged day that once again brought our company together to enjoy and relish in our unique work culture.

Sweet Treat Exchange

Sharing office space with another company can sometimes present challenges. Organizing office supplies, reserving conference rooms, adjusting to different noise levels, and sometimes just navigating your way through a crowded break space can be frustrating. However, when the Sweet Treat Exchange comes around, suddenly the rewards are realized.

Our officemates at Human Capital Resources joined us in an annual tradition of baking, or otherwise making, our favorite sweets to share with one another. This year, each participant walked away with several dozen bags of home baked goods (or in my case, thoughtfully selected commercially produced sweets). The exchange is just one way our two companies provide opportunities for developing a shared culture that does much to overcome the challenges of a shared office space.

Monday FunDay –  December

After taking down about 200 grams of sugar, the remaining ExactHire team that wasn’t in a sugar coma went to the conference room for a holiday-appropriate contest. The contestants were in luck, as two-time defending champion, Allen, was under the weather and unable to compete. There would be a new winner this month.

The competition melded shuffleboard, present wrapping, and trash talking. Here’s what that looks like:

Jess Sliding present for ExactHire Monday Funday

One of the most skilled contestants was forced to go first and, thus, showed everyone who followed how not to do it. The main beneficiary of this scheme? Our Co-owner, Jeff, who with expert skill and dexterity wrapped his gift and slid it to victory on his first attempt. The winning time: 36 seconds.

Jeff Slides Into First

Jeff Wins ExactHire Monday Funday

Requisite Victory Taunt

Final Results

  1. Jeff
  2. Christa
  3. Jess
  4. Harlan
  5. Tom

The December Monday FunDay was a fitting end to a fun 2015. And after 4 months of testing this new team-building event, I think it’s safe to say that 2016 will continue the tradition and usher in more fun as a defense against the Monday Blues.

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