Essential Employee Onboarding Checklist | ExactHire

Make Your Onboarding Process a Competitive Advantage

Making improvements to the employee onboarding process isn’t always the first priority for small and medium businesses. If your organization happens to be growing rapidly, has a decent culture and offers opportunities for job promotions, unfortunately onboarding may mean nothing more than turning new hire paperwork into HR.

However, since your onboarding process lays the foundation for new hires’ first impression of your business, you need to invest time and effort into this critical employee experience. Your investment will likely exponentially improve the business.

In this checklist, innovative ideas for onboarding tasks are grouped by

  • the point in the employee onboarding process that they occur,
  • the task category (e.g. tactical, strategic and cultural) into which they fall, and
  • the individual stakeholders who are assigned a role to champion that process task.

We hope this employee onboarding checklist will guide your organization on the types of onboarding activities that you may plan to make a great first (and ongoing) impression on your new hires. Also, use this guide as an idea list for creating workflow items within your onboarding process as you prepare to hire and delight your future new employees.