Software Integration

Software integration for the purposes of talent management and human resources occurs when two separate HR software applications possess specific components that can be combined for interaction and use within one or more of the applications’ interfaces. For example, an employee assessment product can be embedded within an applicant tracking system (ATS) so that users may invite applicants to complete testing at the point of employment application or later on in the screening process via email invitation.

While this pre-employment testing software might normally include a job skill or behavioral and cognitive test with candidates’ results accessible via an independent portal, when assessment integration occurs with an ATS platform, users realize the efficiency of launching assessment invitations and accessing candidate scores from right within the applicant tracking software, itself.

ExactHire’s applicant tracking software can be configured to take advantage of an existing software integration with customizable employee assessment tools; thus, saving users time and making score reporting options available within a single application.

Software Integration Resources

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