A competitive job market presents great opportunities for hiring managers and, unfortunately, more challenges with which to contend, as well. When a recruiter receives a high response rate from job applicants, it can be easier to overlook candidates who are qualified for an open position. Mistakes like this can be huge lost opportunities for employers.

Understanding Applicants

To make this process more efficient, ExactHire offers employee assessment software to provide a more accurate first impression of job applicants and to develop a greater understanding of how they might fit into a position. These assessments focus on applicant evaluation through reliable, validated methods, and the results are vital indicators of long-term job fit and performance. Eliminate the tendency to hire candidates simply because they are good at interviewing without first assessing whether they have the skills and desire to succeed in a specific position

Multiple Assessment Methods

Our employee assessment software solutions offer an exhaustive set of assessment tools and benchmarking resources that can be modified and adapted to fit any job opening in any industry. A range of valuable evaluations can be performed, including:

  • Behavioral assessments to analyze personality traits and predict behavior in a job role
  • Assessments to gauge applicants’ cognitive functioning and abilities, including verbal skills, numerical skills, cognitive speed, problem-solving abilities and language proficiency
  • Skills-based assessments that determine expertise and training background relevant to job performance expectations
  • Interest assessments to measure applicants’ genuine areas of interest, as well as their satisfaction regarding their current role and the organization as a whole

In addition to these features, ExactHire’s tools allow you to protect the integrity of your recruitment methods by using secure, legally-sound, validated employee assessments that are job-related and pose no risk for causing adverse impact in your selection process.

Clearly Written Reports And Interview Question Suggestions

When using pre-employment testing resources within your hiring and/or succession planning processes, rest assured that you can count on consistent, understandable results reports once candidates complete a series of assessments. Quickly screen the results to look for candidate strengths as well as potential red flags that should be further discussed with an individual during the interviewing process. And, with many of ExactHire’s assessment tools, reports include a suggested interview question section that guides hiring managers on legally-sound questions to ask depending on the results of the assessment.

A More Stable Organization

With these supplemental tools, companies can make better-informed decisions in the hiring process and improve the quality of hires. Hiring the right people will mean fewer headaches for human resources staff and a more secure future for the organization.

To learn more about this or other hiring software, browse the articles and resources available on our site. Or, if you’re ready to implement these assessments in your hiring process, contact us today to get started.