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ExactHire and BountyJobs Partner to Connect Employers to Search Firms

ExactHire, provider of robust applicant tracking system and employee onboarding software solutions for small and medium employers, recently announced a strategic partnership with BountyJobs, Inc. BountyJobs is a leading third-party recruiting platform for collaboration between employers and search firms with over $2 billion in placement fees to recruiters and the world’s largest recruiter marketplace.

This strategic relationship with ExactHire is one of the latest in the fast growing BountyJobs partner network, seeing 500% growth in 2018 and resulting in the largest partner network of any recruitment marketplace. This network connects innovative technology providers focused on improving the way companies recruit, attract and retain talent. This mix of partners has been hand-selected to help support the key constituents of the 2-sided BountyJobs Marketplace; employers and recruiting agencies. The BountyJobs solution is available as a featured job board within ExactHire’s HireCentric ATS.

ExactHire helps businesses improve HR outcomes with integrated applicant tracking and employee onboarding platforms. Tools for automated job posts, applicant management, and custom reporting dovetail with a platform that eliminates paperwork and task redundancy for employers and new hires alike. And now, through ExactHire’s partnership with BountyJobs, clients can extend the candidate search beyond traditional job boards with convenient access to a network of over 10,000 third-party recruiters. The result is a fully optimized hiring and onboarding process that produces better applicants and enhances the employee experience.

A Scalable Solution for SMBs

“The recruiting, candidate assessment, and employee onboarding software offered by ExactHire is a scalable yet robust platform for SMB and mid-size organizations,” said Jerry Aubin, CEO at BountyJobs. “This cloud-based resource optimizes HR processes into a simple solution for both hiring and succession planning.”

“We are always looking to improve candidate sourcing for our clients, and we realize that sometimes using a third-party recruiter is necessary,” said Harlan Schafir, Co-Founder and Chief Visionary Officer at ExactHire. “Our partnership with BountyJobs offers ExactHire clients a streamlined approach to engaging with recruiters and sourcing exceptional candidates. We’re excited about the partnership for ExactHire, but more so for our current and future clients. This is a valuable addition to our services. It differentiates us from other HR software providers.”

How to Connect with BountyJobs

The new relationship, which marries data-driven hiring solutions and traditional talent acquisition, creates an innovative approach for employers when making critical hires. To take advantage of ExactHire’s partnership with BountyJobs, access the Featured Job Boards area within the Job Board Favorites tab within HireCentric’s Jobs Dashboard. There, you’ll be invited to initiate a relationship with BountyJobs. Or, follow this link directly to connect with BountyJobs today.

ExactHire HireCentric BountyJobs Featured Job Board


HireCentric ATS BountyJobs Referral | ExactHire


For full details on this new strategic partnership, please see the original post on PRWeb.

Employer Considerations for Posting and Managing Evergreen Jobs

When you think about where you spend the bulk of your time in the employee recruiting process, is a big chunk reserved for a certain type of position? If so, this role is probably an evergreen job.

Just as an evergreen tree appears green and alive all year long, evergreen positions require a constant flow of candidates because they experience high turnover and/or are positions that a large percentage of employees occupy. As a result, many companies keep these requisitions perpetually open on their job listings page in order to populate the candidate pipeline.

Evergreen jobs and turnover

Sourcing a steady flow of candidates to fill evergreen roles is essential–they are the positions critical to business success. Industries such as restaurant, healthcare, retail, call center and non-profit regularly source applicants for evergreen jobs such as server, home health aid, cashier, customer service representative and direct support professional.

Organizations often struggle with high turnover in these positions due to factors such as

  • the role being available on a part-time basis more frequently than full-time,
  • job seasonality (or seasonal availability of candidates),
  • low barriers to entry that make it easy for candidates to get a similar job elsewhere, and
  • low unemployment leading to more accessible wage increases at competitive employers.

Evergreen job hiring challenges

Hiring employees to fill evergreen positions can be tricky for a variety of reasons.

Misleading reporting

If you tend to keep the same job listings open all the time while regularly hiring candidates, it’s easy to unintentionally skew reporting in the name of ease. While the same job listing ID may remain open for a year (which can save time on reposting the job every few months), it will be harder to report on which referral sources, job description text (if you tweak it frequently with overwrites) and other factors lead to the successful hiring of multiple individuals because they are all tied to the same requisition. A good rule of thumb is to close out an existing evergreen requisition when a candidate is hired for that role, and then use the previous requisition as a template for easily creating a new one.

Job boards vs. organic search

While external job boards such as Glassdoor and Indeed favor fresh job listing IDs that aren’t reposted too frequently, search engines like Google spotlight tenured job description pages that have evergreen content (e.g. new imagery, comments, video, and other structured data). So what’s the right answer? Temporary job listing ID pages or persistent job description overviews?

You can benefit from both. Use your applicant tracking system to refresh a job listing for an evergreen role by closing old job listing IDs and using them as a template to create a duplicate job listing (with a new ID) every 60-90 days. Then, consider adding evergreen content pages within your ATS portal or on your corporate website that

  • list details about what to expect in the role,
  • answer frequently asked questions about the job,
  • highlight video testimonials from other employees in that position, and
  • link to a list of the job listing(s) currently open for that role.

With the dual approach, job seekers stand to find your recently posted job listing on external job boards, as well as via keyword-specific search queries on search engines.

Hiring compliance can be impacted

Care should be taken with determining how the frequency of evergreen requisition posting may impact an employer’s Affirmative Action Plan (AAP) compliance efforts. If the same job listing ID is kept open for an entire year–and we assume at least one candidate is hired from that requisition–then the entire year’s worth of internet applicants must be included in the applicant pool considered for adverse impact. In contrast, if a single requisition is kept open for only one quarter, and only one person is hired during that time, then the pool for adverse impact analysis is smaller which is generally preferable.

By periodically opening new requisitions–even when a hire does not take place in a period of 60 or 90 days–employers put themselves in a better position for compliance and limit their exposure. NOTE: If no applicants from a quarter’s requisition are hired, then the job ID can be closed and none of the applicants must be reported in the AAP data.

Managers at different locations

In the world of evergreen hiring, the location at which a future employee may work when he first applies to an evergreen position isn’t always apparent. And, depending on the industry and size of organization, different hiring managers likely manage candidate screening and/or interviewing at various locations.

Unless internal expectations are clearly set about how managers access a candidate pool that may be shared by different branches, the candidate experience could be hampered by poor communication from a variety of different locations vying for the same candidate. This can be exacerbated in a tight labor market with low unemployment as general managers compete for workers in high turnover, hourly, part-time positions.

Within the retail and restaurant industries, in which some brands have both corporate and franchise-owned stores, careful attention must be paid to limiting franchisor access to job applicants for franchisee-owned locations in order to avoid vicarious liability. When implementing hiring technology in this situation, it’s critical to understand how different applicant pools will be separated for administrators. At the same time, it’s important to avoid a confusing application process for job seekers who perceive all locations to be one brand.

Best practices for managing evergreen positions

Now that we’ve reviewed considerations for posting and managing evergreen positions, let’s cover best practices to improve the chances of your success in hiring individuals for these roles.

Understand what causes turnover

Only by analyzing factors that cause your employees to leave, will you be able to adjust their experience to prolong tenure and benchmark success. Consider the impact of job factors such as your organization’s

  • work schedule flexibility
  • pay rate relative to competitors
  • ability to communicate the proximity of public transportation, and
  • opportunities for continuous learning and advancement.

With an understanding of the primary drivers of turnover, you can re-imagine the employment experience to mitigate these factors. Proactively communicate how you address these items with job seekers in your career content and utilize an applicant tracking system that makes it easy for job candidates to search positions near their bus route. For example, the new hiring software platform that ExactHire is building allows candidates to optionally enter their address to see nearby locations with open job suggestions.

Geo-fenced Job Listing Search | ExactHire

Set internal expectations about hiring efficiency

Recruiters will have a greater impact on organizational success when they rally hiring managers around what to expect from the hiring process. These conversations include topics such as

  • what the hiring market looks like and which factors impact organizational turnover (e.g. what it’s going to take to keep employees),
  • the current velocity of hire and a reasonable expectation for number of hiring processes that can be managed successfully at once (e.g. should we hire more recruiters or consider Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO)?),
  • how promptly assigning statuses to candidates and entering hire dates in an ATS is critical to calculating time to hire and team efficiency,
  • the ideal dollar amount to plan for employee attrition in the operating budget, and
  • how to manage headcount appropriately–is it a set number of positions per job opening or can it flexibly fluctuate depending on need?

Consider job listing duration

Close out aging job listing IDs at least every three months or whenever you make a hire for the position–whichever is sooner. The impact of this practice is two-fold:

  1. By separating batches of applicants for an evergreen job into 90-day chunks–each with its own separate requisition–you limit the likelihood that the OFCCP will take a closer look at your data in an AAP audit because your data pool is smaller (i.e. a separate pool for each job listing ID) and therefore not likely to be statistically significant.
  2. By reposting evergreen jobs periodically with new job IDs, you’re ensuring that the posting date appears relatively recent to potential job applicants. However, even a 30-day old position may deter eager job seekers. Consider including text that describes the role as an evergreen position within the body of your job description. By letting candidates know that you’re always sourcing for this position, they will be less likely to overlook a couple-month-old job listing.

Create a landing page for evergreen jobs

To balance the effects of reposting job listing IDs on a quarterly basis, give your evergreen roles a surge of search engine optimization (SEO) by creating permanent job overview pages (on either your ATS or your corporate website) for the positions that are always (or soon to be) in supply. Include page elements such as

  • relevant keyword-rich content in headers and body text
  • video testimonials from employees in the same role
  • a frequently asked question section to answer common job-related inquiries
  • an overview of the steps involved in the hiring process
  • the unique benefits of the position, and
  • call-to-action buttons directing page visitors to a filtered list of the specific requisitions currently available for this type of role.

Reduce hiring funnel friction

Put yourself in the shoes of a job seeker and assess whether it is easy to find your jobs, easy to apply and easy to communicate with recruiters and hiring managers. While making the selection process efficient is a priority for any kind of job, it is mission critical for evergreen positions since a large volume of candidates must be sourced to meet the company’s hiring needs.

  • Easy to find – Easily share your job listings to external job boards and social media streams within a modern applicant tracking system, but also consider paid recruitment marketing avenues such as retargeting display ads that show content to job seekers who previously interacted with your employment brand.
  • Easy to apply – Utilize two-step applications to allow candidates to provide the basics in the first half of the application process. Shortening an application’s first phase will drive better applicant conversion. Also, select pre-employment assessments that don’t require too much time for an applicant to complete when presented at the point of application. Longer assessments can be utilized later in the selection process.
  • Easy to communicate – Meet job seekers where they are…which often is on their phone rather than a laptop. Incorporate text messaging into the candidate communication process as many individuals interested in evergreen jobs may be screening their calls and failing to set up their voicemail inboxes.

Incorporate pre-employment testing

Know what employee success in your evergreen roles looks like by assessing your current superstars and distilling their results down to the key traits that most heavily predict performance. Then, benchmark for these traits by creating a model profile within your employee assessment tool and use the assessment at the point of application or before a formal interview. To determine placement within the hiring process, consider the impact of a cognitive or behavioral testing tool vs. a job skills testing resource on your candidate funnel–which type(s) would produce the most compelling outcomes?

Nurture your evergreen pipeline

Since employers are always sourcing candidates for evergreen jobs, they must experiment with innovative approaches to engaging past applicants and attracting new job seekers. Create a special experience for people who are interested in being a part of your organization by inviting them to your talent community. These are the individuals who keep raising their hand with continued interest, like your recruiting content on social media and respond to your recruitment marketing efforts.

Here are some ideas for engaging them as applicant VIPs:

  • Use tags within your applicant tracking system to highlight their interest so that you may invite them to apply to specific job listing IDs as roles in their evergreen area of interest open at locations near them.
  • Invite them to opt in to an applicant insider newsletter with articles about new roles, culture and organizational goals.
  • Invite them to join a social media group focused on careers at your organization.
  • Create targeted recruitment marketing campaigns that reinvigorate their interest in your organization.


Although your organization has roles which will always be evergreen, your approach to sourcing candidates for these jobs will be ever changing.

Want to learn more? Download our guide!


Managing Evergreen Jobs | ExactHire Guide

Internal Job Board With HireCentric

There’s no question that the competition for good candidates has increased significantly over the last couple of years. There are stories daily regarding how difficult it is for many organizations to find enough qualified candidates for their openings. As this trend continues, employers have to continue to look for more creative ways to engage candidates and attract them for their openings.

One possible source for qualified candidates is your existing staff. Often, companies are interested in considering existing employees for openings. In many applicant tracking system environments, however, it can be challenging to visually separate internal and external candidates, if they all apply through the same career site. This creates confusion and often leads organizations to have internal candidates apply manually via emailed resumes.

However, with HireCentric applicant tracking software, we offer the ability to create a separate internal job listings page that is available only to your current staff members. This internal job listings page will have an address that is different from your external career site, and even offers the opportunity for you to utilize a different application format than you do for your external candidates. Below is a sample of an internal job board listing area:

As you list open positions, you’ll have the opportunity to determine whether they are made available to only external candidates (via your normal job listings area), to only internal staff (via the internal job listings area), or to both sites. In those instances where you’re accepting both internal and external candidates for openings, those internal candidates who have applied will be marked with an “I” when viewed alongside other candidates. Below is an example of how you may easily identify those internal candidates:

Best of all, the internal job board feature is available to you as a standard part of your ATS platform.

To learn more about this capability or to add this functionality to your current HireCentric site, please contact our support team by emailing

Streamline Your Candidate Feedback Process

Many of our clients wrestle with the issue of how much access to allow hiring managers during the candidate recruiting cycle. In particular, one of the concerns most frequently cited is the potential for managers to log candidate notes that may be (intentionally or unintentionally) inappropriate or discriminatory. This creates potential exposure for the organization. At the same time, taking away the ability for managers to input notes or other candidate feedback creates additional workload for the HR or recruiting team.

One feature within our platform that helps resolve this dilemma is our HR Data Survey option. In short, this feature allows clients to design customized questionnaires that may be completed by one or more system users during the hiring process.

We see these surveys used most frequently to gather feedback about candidates at one or more points along the hiring journey. Examples include after a phone screen, after an initial interview, or following a group interview. In each case, however, clients now have the ability to fully control what type of feedback they choose to solicit, which can significantly reduce (or eliminate) the potential for managers to submit inappropriate notes.

When designing a survey, clients have the ability to score/weight responses from system users. They may also opt to have more than one survey to account for different types of positions or different system user perspectives within the hiring process. In addition, when viewing the survey results for a particular candidate, those users who are permitted access may see each of the individual surveys completed for that candidate.

This tends to be an excellent way to see multiple sets of feedback in a single view.

Sample Candidate Feedback Questionnaire For Interviews


Best of all, this feature is available to all clients as a standard part of the HireCentric offering. And for current clients who would like to further explore ways to streamline the candidate feedback process, please email our support team ( for additional information and instructions.

Photo Credit: Alan Levine

Can I Check the Status of My Employment Application? [VIDEO]

In this age of instant gratification, it’s natural for job applicants to want uber-prompt attention when it comes to knowing whether the employment application they submitted for your company’s position has made it through your screening process. And, even if you pride yourself on being ultra communicative to applicants regarding their fate in your hiring process, it never hurts to make additional strides in the proactive communication category.

In this ExactHire vlog, listen to Jessica Stephenson explain how you can introduce an element of applicant self-service by enabling candidates to check on the status of an employment application by logging into their profile provided by your HireCentric applicant tracking system.

ExactHire Vlog Applicant Status Codes

Video Transcript:

When it comes to screening employment applications, how long is your applicant status code list? Especially if you’re subject to compliance reporting, the list can get very long and specific. For example, noting the exact reasons why each candidate fails to meet minimum basic qualifications…experience, education, etc.

And, while you would want that level of detail for your internal status assignments, you wouldn’t need to share that with candidates externally.

What if you could introduce a self-service component that allows applicants to log into their profile and check on the status of their own job application? Well, you can…and the best part…you get to choose the public-facing label for each of your internal status codes. So, what you know as “Not Selected–Basic Qualifications–Experience” would simply show up as “Not Selected” to the candidate externally.

But think about the positive application of that feature…for what you use as “Sent to Hiring Manager” internally, you could more strategically rename that status code “Screened by HR–Sent to Hiring Manager” to serve as a positive reinforcement to candidates that would otherwise disengage without prompt feedback about their employment application. This tool can be a competitive advantage in this age of immediate feedback…as long as you screen your applications promptly.

If you’re interested in turning on this feature, the ExactHire Client Services team would love to help you. Please email them at Once enabled, Admin users will see a new field when adding or editing status codes called “Status Shown to Applicants.” Likewise, candidates, once they’ve logged into their HireCentric profile, will see a public-facing version of your internal status codes assigned to them.

Thanks, and have a great day!

Sharing Joy With Customers

As an employee at a small business, you frequently have the opportunity to interact with customers, and it’s easy to see how your work directly impacts the customer experience. You also have the opportunity to learn about different aspects of the business, so that when the organization succeeds in one area, it’s easier to share in the joy of that success.

Recently, ExactHire succeeded in optimizing HireCentric ATS for mobile devices, while also migrating the platform to new servers where it can more easily be updated in response to our customers’ needs. A huge win!

As we celebrated, I realized something: although it’s my teammates’ success, the big winners are our customers. We successfully improved our product and set the stage for future improvements without increasing costs to our customers–we added value. So a large part of our celebration was the excitement we had for our customers. And I think this genuine excitement for customers is something unique to small businesses.

Sharing Joy

At a larger company, this news like ours might be circulated in a memo, added to the website, and emailed to clients. Employees would read, acknowledge, and then go about their day. But at ExactHire, we all shared in this success and in communicating it to our customers.

We pride ourselves in taking a personal interest in our clients, in going the extra mile–or two–to ensure that our clients succeed through the optimal use of our solutions. So when it came time to share the news that HireCentric ATS was optimized for mobile devices, we felt that a simple email just wouldn’t do.

We had to do more for our customers. We had to share our joy. And what better way to share your joy than to hone your inner thespian and breakout into song and dance. With a loosely written script, bad lighting, worse audio…but with enthusiastic (though roundly tone-deaf) actors, we set to the task of making a promo video announcing HireCentric’s new mobile-friendly platform!

Bringing The Team Together

Involving the majority of our staff was possible thanks to our size–small businesses can more easily do something like this. And although a few of our employees were working remotely, we were able to use mobile devices, cloud-drives, and email to get the job done. But, of course, it also required a team that was willing to be a little goofy for the good of the cause–luckily we have that in spades.

The end result of our efforts was a fun (to create and to watch) video that communicated some of the primary benefits of our updated platform. Oh, and some really hilarious outtakes that–at least at this point–may not be suitable for public distribution. So check it out and let us know what you think!

Why More Is Not Always Better – Recruiting Talent

Is the old adage, “Less is more.” really true? Nowadays, new jobs are posted EVERYWHERE! You can find them on job boards, social media, industry specific sites, and even in the newspaper still…I think. This means that MORE applicants are likely seeing your openings, which can also mean MORE applications to review. Hiring can be super stressful when there are too many applicants to review for a position. Here are a few things to remember to make sure you don’t make the mistake of having too many applicants:

  • Be Specific in Job Post

    One of the easiest and obvious ways to reduce the number of candidates is to be extremely specific about what you are looking for in a candidate. Let the applicant know exactly what the required skills are for the position, the location of work, amount of travel and any other requirements that the position may entail. This will hopefully discourage unqualified job seekers from applying and keep you efficient while sorting through the candidates. Beware not to “weed” out everyone though!

  • Be Selective in Where you Post

    Not all jobs need to be on all social media pages and every job board. Depending on the level of job, you could use a basic site such as or  Other jobs could be posted on if it is an executive level position. Finally, consider posting on industry specific sites to help narrow down the field– for example for positions in the hospitality industry.

  • Be Concerned with Screening

    Did you know that you can use an applicant tracking system (ATS) to ask “Knock Out” questions? ExactHire’s HireCentric ATS allows questions to be added to the application process to make sure the candidate will fit your exact needs. This will help you streamline your recruiting process and save yourself time (and hassle!)

Sometimes less IS more, especially when you’re looking to quickly hire for a high skilled position in a competitive job market. Time wasted on posting, sorting, and vetting could be the difference between making the perfect hire and having to settle for an OK candidate. Use these three tips to optimize your hiring process and add top talent to your organization.

“Time wasted on posting, sorting, and vetting could be the difference between making the perfect hire and having to settle for an OK candidate.”


To learn more about ExactHire’s hiring technology, please contact us today for your free demo.

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